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Going digital is now becoming a necessity for manufacturing SMEs.

The Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub is a new platform for businesses to experience and road-test advanced digital manufacturing systems and develop new business strategies in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology.

Our Approach

Through our digital transformation journey, we want to help businesses transition from competing on cost and price towards competing on highly value added, differentiated and customised product and services.

Industry4Hub - Services process - EXPLORE, CREATE and LEARN

Your journey beings with thinking differently about your business in the digital future. EXPLORE your capabilities and raise your awareness and understanding about Industry 4.0 enabled opportunities and outcomes through the futuremap® business diagnostic.

Continue the journey to increase your Industry 4.0 process and production readiness and CREATE Industry 4.0 enabled business, product and technology strategies through futuremap® Industry 4.0 readiness assessment.

By participating in the assessment, you complete your journey with an Industry 4.0 training program where you can LEARN about how to take advantage of digitalisation and the opportunities Industry 4.0 technologies can enable to create and capture value in your business.

futuremap® business diagnostic

A self-diagnostic tool designed to help you assess your business’ current capabilities and raise your awareness and understanding about the opportunities Industry 4.0 and digitalisation can create for your business in relation to the following areas:

  • Market: market positioning, servitisation, global supply chain positioning.
  • Leadership: strategy, change management, sustainability.
  • Innovation: technology utilisation, innovation update.
  • Digital: digitalisation, Industry 4.0 awareness and utilisation.

See a visual representation of these areas in the graphic below:

Futuremap logo

FutureMap Diagram - the four stages of Industry 4.0 digital transformation - Digital, Market, Innovation and Leadership.

Typically delivered through an interactive workshop, futuremap generates a point-in-time assessment and report that identifies opportunities for growth and potential investment. The report also outlines educational materials and a broad ecosystem of supporting organisations and programs.

futuremap® Industry 4.0 readiness assessment

Future-proof your business by redefining how you create and capture value enabled through Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Future-proof your business by redefining how you create and capture value enabled through Industry 4.0 opportunities. If you want to connect to global supply chains, compete on differentiated value, innovate your business model, and enhance your global competitiveness, but are unsure how, then consider futuremap® Industry 4.0 readiness assessment. A comprehensive assessment delivered as three separate modules to help Victorian Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) introduce digitalisation opportunities to enhance business and become Industry 4.0 ready.

  • Module A: helps to increase your Industry 4.0 process and production readiness
  • Module B: helps to discover new business opportunities enabled by Industry 4.0
  • Module C: helps to create a business plan for Industry 4.0 technology implementation.

Best results are achieved by engaging with each of the three modules, however each module can be completed individually. The duration of each module varies depending on business complexity and requirements. Following completion, businesses will be provided Industry 4.0 training.

Module A: Process and Production Readiness

We deliver a strategic analysis and evaluation of your business’ production processes to identify Industry 4.0 improvement potentials and provide:

  • a current snapshot of the business’s Industry 4.0 readiness and maturity
  • areas for possible business optimisation
  • suggested activities and actions for business improvement.

The assessment takes a holistic view of the business and focuses on five key areas:

  • business strategy and planning
  • operation of your process/value stream
  • handling and use of data/information/knowledge streams
  • production support systems, methods and tools
  • workforce management.

Several assessment indicators are used to determine the business’ current readiness and maturity with respect to digital technologies including:

  • IT supported production/logistics
  • industry 4.0 target planning
  • machine to machine communication
  • continuous improvement practices
  • use of smart data
  • production planning methods.

Module B: New Business Opportunities

We facilitate a workshop, involving the business’ leadership team, to analyse how to enhance your current product/service portfolio with the aim of identifying:

  • potential future products
  • potential future markets and applications
  • new business opportunities related to Industry 4.0.

By analysing the competencies underlying the business’ existing product and technologies and service offerings, we help you to identify new product opportunities, especially enabled by Industry 4.0 technology.

Module C: Strategic Roadmapping

Working with your business’ leadership team, the workshop aims to define and integrate Industry 4.0 into your business strategy by:

  • analysing the current business environment and critical trends
  • identifying relevant strategic options based on the analysis
  • redeveloping your strategy using roadmap style planning.

This module leverages the insights developed from module B to develop an actionable business plan/roadmap projecting out your resource and technology requirements to deliver your products to identified markets over the next five to ten years.


Businesses that have participated in futuremap® modules will also be provided with a two-week intensive Industry 4.0 technical and business model innovation training. Technical training may include:

  • Integration of sensors
  • Data analytics
  • Robotics
  • Digital twin



futuremap® tools have been developed by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre.

The Victorian Government is supporting the delivery of these modules to Victorian SME manufacturers.

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