Digital Innovation Lab

Swinburne’s Digital Innovation Lab enables research translation and innovation by bringing together multi-disciplinary research capabilities across the university, provide software engineering competency and offer a space for co-creation, co-design and experimentation.

The Digital Innovation Lab offers:

  • research translation leading to industrial innovation and impact
  • experimentation with best of class digital technologies
  • software engineering practices and methodologies
  • an innovative ecosystem for building rapid prototypes to bring new solution to life
  • forum for bringing together industry partners and university researchers to enable co-creation of novel digital-enabled solutions.


Rapid digital prototyping

Developing rapid digital prototypes to test bold new ideas including system design, development and testing.

Mobile apps

Development and research of mobile applications to support the co-creation of digital solutions.

Data integration

Design and develop scalable architectures, frameworks and methodologies for integrating data from diverse sources, for example the internet of things and social media.

Data and analytics

Deep capability in translating data into insights that can help enable people and businesses to make better decisions.


Developing custom digital data visualisations using a range of open source and commercial tools.

Open multi-disciplinary environment

Leverage the multi-disciplinary, diverse and deep research capabilities available across Swinburne.

Embracing Swinburne’s long history of pioneering technical education and research, the Digital Innovation Lab is at the forefront of research translation integrating current and future digital technologies in the health, manufacturing, agriculture, social science and smart cities domains.

Prem Prakash Jayaraman

Head, Digital Innovation Lab


Prem Prakash Jayaraman
Head, Digital Innovation Lab
t: +61 3 9214 8587