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About us

Located at Swinburne’s Factory of the Future, the Industrial Digital Transformation Hub is a unique and Australian first university-based, not-for-profit consulting entity of industry professionals, assisting manufacturing businesses with digital technology adoption and transformation through our Digital Readiness and Transformation Program.

Since 2019, over 500 manufacturing businesses from diverse industries (advanced manufacturing, chemical, FMCG, furniture, mining equipment, transportation, agricultural equipment, clothing/textiles, food and beverage, healthcare/MedTech, packaging, wood product) have participated in our program.

Engagements span across the program’s path of awareness, learning, discovery, and implementation, with several businesses successfully completing the first iteration of their journey and several more remaining on that journey.

We advocate applying a business-centric approach to Industry 4.0 (I4.0) digital technology adoption, in favour of a techno-centric approach – addressing business outcomes through the considered use of technology, and in effect, pulling technology into the business. Our approach and our program have helped to catalyse multi-million dollar direct and indirect investment in manufacturing to realise mitigation of manufacturing challenges, next level productivity improvements, onshoring of work and job creation.

We take pride in working closely with our clients, seeking to understand and address their needs with recommendations and real-world industry solutions considerate of people, processes, and technology. We have access to a diverse multi-disciplinary team, with expertise and capabilities extending into operational improvements and optimisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, internet-of-things, and software engineering.

As part of the transition towards digitalisation we encourage the development of I4.0 champions.

Vikram Sachdeva Vince Lorefice Dr Sharad Menon Professor Prem Prakash Jayaram
Industrial Digital Transformation Hub Manager Industry 4.0 Transformation Consultant Associate Director, Industry Research Engagement (Digital Manufacturing) Director, Factory of the Future and Digital Innovation Lab


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