Industrial Digital Transformation Hub

The Industrial Digital Transformation Hub – simplifying digital technology adoption in manufacturing.

The world of manufacturing is going digital at a rapid pace. The Industrial Digital Transformation Hub team includes a diverse mix of manufacturing industry professionals who recognise the importance and necessity of digital technology, and the benefits and impact it can make in a manufacturing business. Guided by our experience and expertise, using a structured program, the Hub can assist manufacturers in achieving the successful adoption and exploitation of digital technology – our goal is for manufacturers to become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable with Industry 4.0 (I4.0) digital technology.

As part of a digital transformation journey, manufacturers follow a path to digitalisation through a unique Digital Readiness and Transformation Program. This end-to-end service program leads manufacturers through stages of Awareness, Learning, Discovery, and Implementation. During the program manufacturers will:

  • become aware of Industry 4.0 digital technology, value creation and business model innovation opportunities
  • learn more details about specific Industry 4.0 digital technologies 
  • discover their level of digital readiness and maturity for digital technology adoption, and
  • co-create a path and strategy for digital technology implementation.

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