Led by Professor Jinjun Chen, this research program addresses fundamental challenges in data preparation and scalable processing technologies on the cloud, ranging from underlying data collection, fusion and processing as well as related data privacy.

We explore these challenges in partnership with government and corporations and through international collaboration. We're particularly focused on issues around data collection, data preparation and curation, data privacy, cloud computing and data access for applications.

Program themes

Data curation and processing

Our research includes data preparation, fusion and integration (such as from multiple data sources), data quality and scalable data processing on the cloud. We focus on investigating innovative ways to extract and integrate data intelligence from various data sources and then process them in preparation for analytics. We also investigate various data processing technologies such as data loss control, compression and scalable computing. 

Data privacy

Our research also aims to develop efficient and effective methodologies for advanced data privacy protection when we collect and integrate data from multiple sources into an open cloud environment. When multiple data sources come together, it makes protecting privacy challenging, so it is important to develop innovative solutions for this.

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