At the Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations Research Group (SESIO), our projects integrate the study of behaviours, cultures, norms, ethics, performance and reporting for an interdisciplinary understanding of organisations’ contributions to sustainable practices in society.

SESIO’s aim is to produce knowledge that empowers organisations to effectively avoid unethical, socially and/or environmentally exploitive business practices.

The group functions as a nexus of knowledge sharing and innovation in sustainable organising. We connect academic researchers, industry researchers and practitioners from the business, government and civil society sectors, in Australia and internationally.

Featured projects

A selection of our current projects include:

  • Australian business and public sector entities’ engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Using impact assessment to achieve the SDGs in Asia

  • Needs analysis and designing programs for building ethical capability for accounting professionals

  • Impacts of global engagement on the design, introduction and operation of codes of conduct for parliamentarians

  • Value and value creation in sustainable business models

  • Organisational responses to climate change

  • Users’ perceptions of integrated reporting and its relevance to the capital markets

  • Innovation for sustainable supply chain management: addressing the problem of modern slavery.

  • Management research, value distribution decision making and income inequality

  • Key sustainability issues in the strategic management of systemic social and environmental problems

  • Institutional entrepreneurship in inter-sector partnerships

  • Stakeholder influence on adoption of carbon management strategies by Australian listed companies

  • From environmental sustainability to ecological civilisation: changing the business school curriculum.

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Our people

Name Position Email
Associate Professor Subhash Abhayawansa (SESIO Co-Leader) Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance
Dr Julia Benkert (SESIO Co-Leader) Lecturer, Management
Professor Carol Adams Professor of Accounting
Associate Professor Gavin Melles Associate Professor of Sustainability and Social Innovation
Professor Keryn Chalmers Professor of Accounting; Dean, Swinburne Business School
Adjunct Professor Ken Coghill Adjunct Professor of Management
Dr Ryan Jopp Lecturer, Management
Professor Christine Jubb Professor of Accounting
Dr Diana Rajendran Senior Lecturer, Management
Dr Nandana Wasantha Pathiranage Lecturer, Accounting
Dr Cheree Topple Lecturer, Management
Dr Dina Wahyuni Lecturer, Accounting
Dr Zihan Lu Sessional Lecturer, Accounting
Dr Calvin Wing Hoh Cheong Lecturer in Finance
Professor Weng Marc Lim Head of School, School of Business, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak
Name Position Research topic
Masum Al Syed PhD candidate Decision usefulness of integrated reporting
Marco Biscaro PhD candidate Scaling a sustainable business model: research and applications for start-ups and SMEs
Zhi Kai Chang PhD candidate Capital market impacts of the shift to mandatory CSR reporting
Ridmi Gayanake PhD candidate Psychological determinants of customer willingness to install solar photovoltaic systems
Jim Kapetangiannis PhD candidate Property development as a profession: protecting the public interest in good living
Nayomi Wijesinghe PhD candidate Internal organisational drivers, challenges of Integrated Reporting (IR) and organisational changes of IR
Anh Vo PhD candidate Economic consequences of climate change-related risks disclosure
Minh Ngoc Ho PhD candidate The prospects for sustainability reporting in the banking sector: evidence from the socialist orientated market of Vietnam
Stefan Lodewyckx PhD candidate Exploring the workings of the regulatory process: the case of endocrine disrupting chemicals
Kevin Nguyen PhD candidate The association of CSR disclosure and stock liquidity
Dan O'Sullivan PhD candidate The role of natural gas in meeting climate change targets: making sustainable energy supply choices
Adam Scott PhD candidate Sustainability tensions within Australian environmental social enterprises
Neelam Setia PhD candidate Transition from sustainability reporting to integrated reporting: an examination of the change in agenda for sustainability disclosures through the lens of stakeholder theory
Linda Wedari PhD candidate GHG emissions: environmental, social and financial performance
Name Affiliation Email
Dr John Purcell Senior Adviser, Sustainability Policy, CPA Australia
SESIO Industry Advisor
Dr Timothy Nelson Chief Economist, AGL / Associate Professor, Griffith University
SESIO Industry Advisor
Dr Eva Tsahuridu Industry Fellow, School of Accounting, RMIT University
SESIO Industry Advisor
Associate Professor Mohammad Azim Associate Professor, School of Business and Law, Central Queensland University
Dr Luckmika Perera Director, Professional Education and Partnerships, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University
Professor Eric Pezet Professor, University of Paris Nanterre (France)
Associate Professor Alejandro Agafonow Associate Professor, ESSCA School of Management (France)
Associate Professor Brent Beal Associate Professor of Management, College of Business and Technology, University of Texas at Tyler (United States)
Associate Professor Jane Cote Associate Professor of Accounting, Washington State University, Vancouver (United States)
Associate Professor Claire Kamm Latha Associate Professor of Accounting, Washington State University, Vancouver (United States)
Dr Kirti Mishra Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (India)
Dr Cristina Neesham Reader in Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, Newcastle University (United Kingdom)
Dr Evangeline Elijido-Ten Senior Lecturer, Accounting, Swinburne University

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