Led by Professor Sonja Pedell, the Swinburne Living Lab is a European Network (ENoLL) accredited living lab and a founding member of the Australian Living Lab Innovation Network (ALLiN). We develop solutions to increase health and wellbeing across the life span and ageing populations. 

For Australia and the rest of the world, creating effective and cost-efficient methods to improve health and wellbeing is a moral and economic imperative. The Living Lab approach increases adoption rates and reduces the risks associated with such innovation.

The Living Lab strongly emphasises co-creation, real-life settings, human-centred and emotion-led design to give users a strong voice in the process.

Our projects aim to:

  • increase the quality of life and independence of vulnerable user groups—older adults, people living with dementia, disabilities and culturally diverse groups

  • act as an advocacy to fight against ageism

  • collaborate in robotics for health (Assistive Robots for the future of healthcare)

  • develop innovative solutions that people readily adopt, as they fit with their actual needs and goals.

Living Labs are a proven innovation platform; supported by the EU for their effectiveness in creating innovations that lead to economic, social and environmental benefit.

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We always welcome new partners. If you are interested in transforming ideas into commercially competitive outcomes, need the support of our research or have any other queries, contact us on +61 3 9214 6072 or email cdiadmin@swinburne.edu.au.

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