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We define Society 4.0 as the societal implications of living in an age of digitisation, automation and thinking machines.

Held in October 2019, the Society 4.0 symposium explored the development, maintenance, loss and restoration of trust in the digital age in the context of law and justice, relationships and work. 

1. Law & Justice
Convened by Associate Professor Diane Sivasubramaniam, this panel explored how new and emerging technologies promise, or threaten, to transform how we conceptualise rights and responsibilities, make laws, and achieve justice.

Download Society 4.0 Symposium: Introduction - Law & Justice (pdf 229KB)


  • Ms Lynne Haultain, Victoria Law Foundation (Facilitator)
  • Dr Ryan Young, Australian National University
  • Ms Nicole Batch, Australian Red Cross
  • Mr Robert Bolia, Defence Science & Technology Group


  • Professor Marilyn McMahon
  • Dr Bianca Klettle
  • Dr Jennifer Beaudry


2. Relationships
Convened by Dr Julian Oldmeadow, this panel explored the consequences of new and emerging technologies for our relationships with ourselves, our children and other people.

Download Society 4.0 Symposium: Introduction - Relationships (pdf 229KB)


  • Ms Amanda Smith, ABC Radio National (Facilitator)
  • Dr Susanne Oldmeadow, GP
  • Associate Professor Brock Bastian, The University of Melbourne
  • Dr Marilyn Johnson, Monash University and Amy Gillett Foundation


  • Associate Professor Sonja Pedell
  • Dr Bianca Klettke


3. Work
Convened by Dr Sam Wilson, this panel explored the consequences of digitisation, automation and AI for work, careers and organisations.

Download Society 4.0 Symposium: Introduction - Work (pdf 217KB)


  • Prof Lawrie Zion, La Trobe University (Facilitator)
  • Ms Mira Stammers, La Trobe University 
  • Dr Sean Gallagher, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Mr David Yip, DXC Technology
  • Dr Julian Koplin, The University of Melbourne


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Society 4.0 Symposium: Panel - Law and Justice

In this session, the panelists explored emerging technologies and impact on rights, laws and justice.

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Society 4.0 Symposium: Panel - Relationships

In this session, the panelists examined the consequence of new and emerging technologies on our relationships with ourselves, other people and the automata with whom we live.

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Society 4.0 Symposium: Panel – The Changing Nature of Work

In this session, the panelists explored the changing face of work and future implications.

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