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Society 4.0 Symposium

We define Society 4.0 as the societal implications of living in an age of digitisation, automation and thinking machines.

In the midst of the growing power of emerging and converging technologies such as genetic manipulation, robotics, and AI, our notions of work, society and what it means to be human are changing. Therefore, it is imperative to consider carefully our roles and responsibilities in this new technological age, given that these advances move faster than our conceptual, psychological and moral understanding of their consequences. In particular, how does trust function in this digital age - trust in individuals, technologies, and social institutions?

The Society 4.0 symposium explores the development, maintenance, loss and restoration of trust in the digital age. We explore how trust functions and impacts relationships, work, and justice in this new technological age.

We invite you to join us for this exciting symposium to explore the psychological and social dimensions of recent and ongoing developments in technology and to forge new partnerships with researchers from academia, industry and government.



Date: Thursday 31 October 2019
Time: 9:30am-4:30pm
Location: Swinburne Innovation Precinct (The Fire Station), Level 4, 66-68 William Street (enter via McLeod Lane), Hawthorn, VIC
Fee: Free

Download a copy of the Society 4.0 Symposium - Schedule





What are the consequences of new and emerging technologies on our relationships with ourselves, other people and the automata with whom we increasingly live?



How will new and emerging technologies promise, or threaten, to transform how we conceptualise rights and responsibilities, make laws, and achieve justice?



What are the consequences of accelerating digitisation and automation of work and careers? What do these changes mean for the psychology of working?




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