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Society 4.0 - 2019

Discover. Contribute. Act.

In October 2019, the Social Innovation Research Institute organised a series of events focused on enabling positive change for society. These events were attended by people from community, not-for-profit organisations, human services and government sectors eager to explore the future of work and the impact of Industry 4.0.

On the 30th of October the Society 4.0 Forum explored the opportunities that exist using data analytics and technology to facilitate community collaboration. Hearing from speakers including Alice Martin from the New Economics Foundation in the UK, Kristi Mansfield from Seer Data & Analytics and more international speakers, we covered themes of communities powered with data, public interest technology and work and wellbeing.

On the 29th, Patrick Atwater from ARGO Labs and Stefaan Verhulst from GovLab held Masterclasses at the Monash Conference Centre. Attendees explored the idea of working with data collaboratives by drawing on their organisations’ data.

The Public Lecture ‘A Shorter Working Week’ was led by Alice Martin, Head of Work and Pay at New Economics Foundation and Kath Blackham from Versa – a company already practicing a four-day work week in Melbourne. The lecture fostered discussions on the future of work and our wellbeing. 

Lastly, on the 31st Dr Sam Wilson and Associate Professor Diane Sivasubramaniam hosted the Society 4.0 Symposium exploring the development, maintenance, loss and restoration of trust in the digital age. This was a great opportunity to partner with the Institute and network with researchers from academia, industry and government.


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