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Society 4.0

We define Society 4.0 as the societal implications of living with and adapting to the digital economy - and securing wellbeing therein.

The digital economy brings high-level data analytics, automation, AI and machine learning. It will change employment and the nature of work. It is likely to escalate forces of corporatisation as, arguably, only large corporates will have the data literacy, computing power and connections to generate the data used to report on and automatedly organise, the digital economy. This leaves civil society and potentially the achievement of ‘a good society’ vulnerable.

Society 4.0 is an important part of the Social Innovation Research Institute, we have a research program titled Thriving in Society 4.0 which explores further the consequences of emerging technologies.

Launched in 2018, our Society 4.0 initiative includes a yearly event – the Society 4.0 Forum (held in Melbourne) – and a program of research and development with partners to vision a future for society.

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or read our digital white paper about Society 4.0.

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