Analysis & Policy Observatory

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO), formerly Australian Policy Online, is an open access evidence platform and service for public policy and practice.

Operating since 2002, APO provides access to the latest research and policy insights.

APO contains full-text research reports and papers, data, multimedia and other resources from nearly 6,000 organisations. Featuring more than 40,000 digital resources, it covers a wide range of public policy issues, from over 28,000 authors.

For policymakers, APO provides easy access to key collections of research and evaluation. For researchers and academics, it facilitates direct connection with policymakers by publishing their research. 

Special collections include:

These collections are supported by Swinburne and other universities. They feature research from academic institutions, governments, non-government organisations (NGOs) and think tanks. APO covers content from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, as well as global issues from Asia, the UK, Europe, and the Americas.

Authors, organisations and readers can upload published reports and papers to APO for consideration by APO editors.

APO helps researchers and policymakers stay up to date with the latest evidence on policy and practice. Subscribe to APO’s free newsletter service or follow on Twitter.

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