Data science platforms and systems

Addressing fundamental challenges in core data science technologies.

Led by Professor Jinjun Chen, this research program addresses fundamental challenges in core data science technologies, ranging from underlying data management and knowledge engineering, middle data processing and computing platform, to higher layer of data systems and advanced analytics.

We explore these challenges in partnership with government and corporations and through international collaboration. Of particular interest are issues around data collection, data preparation and curation, data analytics, data visualisation, and data access for applications.


Data systems and advanced analytics

Our research here includes data analytics, predictive analytics and decision-making, people analytics, machine learning, and visual analytics. We also investigate data systems, data security and privacy for applications such as business, transport, logistics, education and health.

Our focus is on investigating innovative ways to identify, extract and integrate intelligence from big data to enable organisations to discover and act on opportunities to improve their productivity, economic growth and sustainability.


Next generation data platforms

This theme focuses on the provision of leading edge software platforms for productive software development and applications. It focuses on cloud computing, edge/fog computing, cloud terminal fusion computing, distributed data management and computing, data outsourcing and scalable data infrastructures.

Particular focus is on areas such as service management in cloud, resource scheduling and cloud workflows, and big data management in cloud.


Data management and knowledge engineering

This theme aims to develop efficient and effective methodologies for advanced data management and knowledge extraction from data to achieve goals in various applications.

Our work focuses on advanced query processing and web data management, intelligent systems, service and workflow management, data analysis and knowledge discovery.

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