Swinburne Sarawak’s Centre for Digital Futures

A partnership to strengthen big data capacity in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Swinburne Sarawak’s Centre for Digital Futures was launched in August 2017 in response to the Sarawak state government’s digital economy initiative to build a digital Sarawak.

The centre has linked with the Data Science Research Institute to strengthen its capacity in big data. Big data is one of eight core technologies the Sarawak government has identified to enhance the digital economy.

The partnership overall provides over 30 positions for computing and robotics researchers, including early career researchers, postdocs, PhD and master’s students and research assistants. The Sarawak Project was finalised in March 2018 with an industry partner (Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd) to support 2 PhD and 4 Masters scholarships.  

The centre is located close to the business and social innovation research team to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration. 

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