Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

A collaborative partnership across three of Swinburne’s research institutes.

A successful workshop was held in November 2017 between members of the Data Science Research Institute, the Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute, the Social Innovation Research Institute and representatives from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The workshop was a collaborative research meeting to establish joint-research opportunities with a focus on clinical research and bioengineering, and to prioritise a research agenda.

Multiple opportunities were identified, particularly in data integration and image analysis. Participation of the two organisations in the Digital Health CRC can also lead to strong research translation results with high impact.

The institute is collaborating with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on the following issues of common interest:

  • image processing with GPUs and in particular on the accurate detection of immune cells using machine learning in seven fluorescent colour images adjusting for variations in fluorescence intensity
  • big data analytics with emphasis on using predictive modelling and deep machine learning tools to interrogate and data mine complex clinical data sets and hospital information.

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