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Learn more about our current collaborations and projects.

The Data Science Research Institute is developing partnerships with numerous organisations and companies.

Successful partnered projects 


External partners: AUSTRAC
Smart Contracts for AML/CTF Reporting Obligations

Know-Your-Customer obligations are the cornerstone of the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing regime. Banks spend, on average, $70m a year on KYC Compliance. The changing nature of technology and the potential uptake of blockchain platforms across the financial-services sector present significant opportunities for AUSTRAC and Swinburne, in collaboration with financial institutions, to lead the way in understanding the use of smart contract for automating AML/CTF KYC obligations and setting the global best practice in this novel application of blockchains. Read more


External partners: Passel
Parcel Movement and Optimisation

Passel utilising the shared economy for the delivery of parcels in urban areas by utilising people known as passers who are paid for the delivery of parcels. This project included hybrid expertise from data science, optimisation, supply chain management and logistics. This project started from the data science point of view to breakdown the historical trajectory record of passers and refined the moving pattern of passers in spatial and temporal ways. Read more


External partners: Soho Flordis International
i-Platform (Intelligent platform) for microbiota analysis and visualisation

This project developed a new methodology to describe how gut bacteria ("microbiome") are related to brain, cognitive and mood processes. This research brought together leading expertise on gut microbiota, psychological health condition, data science and analytics to create the first intelligent platform for microbiota data visualisation. 

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