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About us

Learn how we plan to address the challenges within industry through expertise in data science

The Data Science Research Institute leads the data-to-discovery pathway for data-intensive research in biology, physics, astronomy, economics and social sciences. We address the grand challenges of industry with expertise in big data, data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data science is the emerging academic inter-discipline, which is disrupting all industries. It marries physical sciences with statistics and computer science, and enables vast amounts of data to be processed and analysed very quickly. It is the discipline underpinning advances in other fields that use complex sets of data.

The mission of our institute is to:

  • expand the university’s capacity to implement data science research
  • build collaborative relationships with industry, government and communities
  • champion education and training opportunities,
  • build on the strengths of our staff to benefit students and researchers in various domains across Swinburne, Australia, and the global community.

We work collaboratively with research groups at Swinburne and industry partners. The university’s expertise in critical aspects of data science draws upon our established research centres, including the Centres for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Micro-Photonics, Quantum and Optical Science, and Transformative Innovation.

Demand for data scientists is high, with industry seeking to address their big data needs. By providing research scale, the institute is able to support a large body of talented data scientists while also providing a stable, quality resource for shorter-term project work. The institute is the natural choice for external partnerships with these projects.

Our research and development in core data science areas includes:

  • core platforms and cloud-based systems for data science and engineering
  • AI and machine learning
  • financial technology (fintech) and innovation analytics
  • health data analytics
  • privacy and security of data.

Swinburne launches Data Science Research Institute

The Data Science Research Institute leads the emerging academic inter-discipline that marries the physical sciences with statistics and computer science - developing cutting-edge methodologies for handling and analysing large and complex data sets.

Contact the Data Science Research Institute

There are many ways to engage with us. If your organisation is dealing with a complex problem, then get in touch to discuss how we can work together to provide solutions.

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