Faculty of Business and Law

Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations Research Group


Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations Research Group (SESIO) combines the strengths of accounting and management scholarship. We examine organisational processes, structures and practices to promote social and environmental sustainability and business ethics. Our projects integrate the study of behaviours, cultures, norms, ethics, performance and reporting for an interdisciplinary understanding of organisations’ contributions to sustainable practices in society.

SESIO’s ultimate aim is to produce knowledge that empowers organisations to effectively avoid unethical, socially and/or environmentally exploitive business practices.

The group functions as a nexus of knowledge sharing and innovation in sustainable organising. We connect academic researchers, industry researchers and practitioners from the business, government and civil society sectors, in Australia and internationally.

Current projects

A selection of our current projects include:

  • Australian business and public sector entities’ engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Using impact assessment to achieve the SDGs in Asia
  • From environmental sustainability to ecological civilisation: changing the business school curriculum
  • Needs analysis and designing programs for building ethical capability for accounting professionals
  • Impacts of global engagement on the design, introduction and operation of codes of conduct for parliamentarians
  • Value and value creation in sustainable business models (with CSI collaboration)
  • Management research, value distribution decision making, and income inequality
  • Key sustainability issues in the strategic management of systemic social and environmental problems
  • Institutional entrepreneurship in inter-sector partnerships
  • Innovation for sustainable supply chain management: addressing the problem of modern slavery
  • Stakeholder influence on adoption of carbon management strategies by Australian listed companies
  • Organisational responses to climate change
  • Users’ perceptions of integrated reporting and its relevance to the capital markets.