We engage with contemporary design and fabrication techniques while understanding the complex social, cultural and environmental factors needed for sustainable design practice. Authentic learning is a key component where students and staff engage with industry partners on interdisciplinary projects and global design challenges. 

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Ms Janine Forbes-Rolfe Lecturer and Course Director, Secondary Education +61 3 9214 4866 jforbesrolfe@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Wendy Goff Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 4931 wgoff@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Catherine Hartung Senior Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 8514 chartung@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Associate Professor Therese Keane Deputy Chair, Department of Education +61 3 9214 8579 tkeane@swinburne.edu.au AS330
Associate Professor Narelle Lemon Associate Professor, Education +61 3 9214 5571 nlemon@swinburne.edu.au AS331
Professor Karen Malone Academic Research Director, School of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities; Professor, Education kmalone@swinburne.edu.au AS321
Siobhan O'Brien Lecturer and Course Director, Early Childhood Education +61 3 9214 4401 siobhanobrien@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Maryanne Pale Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 4611 mpale@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Professor Sivanes Phillipson Dean International, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design; Professor, Education +61 3 92143531 sphillipson@swinburne.edu.au AMDC901a
Professor Ninetta Santoro Adjunct Professor, Education nsantoro@swinburne.edu.au
Karen Turner Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 4475 klturner@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Kristina Turner Lecturer and Course Director, Primary Education +61 3 9214 8441 kcturner@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Katrina Van Vuuren Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 4762 kvanvuuren@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Anat Wilson Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 5669 anatwilson@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Bin Wu Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 8021 binwu@swinburne.edu.au AS327
Dr Tracy Charlotte Young Lecturer, Education +61 3 9214 5485 tryoung@swinburne.edu.au AS327

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