If you have almost passed 

If you come very close to passing a unit and meet the other eligibility criteria, you may be granted a Conceded Pass for that unit. 

If you have passed all of your units except one and meet the other eligibility criteria, you may be able to apply for a Supplementary Assessment (Last to Complete)

If you need help making a case to the university, the SSAA can provide independent advocacy services in certain circumstances. 

If you think your mark is inaccurate 

If you think you've been marked incorrectly, you can request a recheck of your mark

If you're unwell or have special circumstances 

If you're unwell at the time of your exam or assessment, or have special circumstances, you may be able to: 

If you're unwell leading up to or on the day of your exam, you may be able to apply for special consideration if eligible, but it is for serious cases that meet specific conditions.

What to do if you need help

If you're 'at risk' or been asked to 'show cause' after an academic progress review, you should talk to an academic development adviser. They can help you get your study back on track.  

Study support

If you're having difficulty with your study, there are several support options available to you.

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