Led by Swinburne University of Technology, working in partnership with CSIRO and Germany’s ARENA 2036, the Victorian Hydrogen Hub will bring together researchers, industry partners and business. Testing, trialling and demonstrating new and emerging hydrogen technologies, the Victorian Hydrogen Hub will support sustainable manufacturing practices and the ability to store clean energy from renewable sources, striving to create a sustainable future for all.

Hydrogen is emerging as a clean fuel and important feedstock (raw material for industrial processes) for the future, that could make significant contributions to decarbonisation of fossil fuel intensive industries. Australia has resources and skills to:

  • build an economically sustainable domestic hydrogen industry, as well as;
  • create an export industry for hydrogen.

The partnership between Swinburne and CSIRO will build on existing knowledge and joint strengths in digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Through the Victorian Hydrogen Hub we will lead the way, furthering research and development of the hydrogen sector, working closely with industry to enhance understanding of what hydrogen can deliver.  

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    National Hydrogen Roadmap

    Our partner, CSIRO, has created the National Hydrogen Roadmap which provides a blueprint for the development of a hydrogen industry in Australia. 

  • Hydrogen powered cars

    How do hydrogen-powered cars work? Hydrogen is considered a fuel of the future. So how do hydrogen-powered cars work and how will our new refueller station in Victoria work?

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    Hy Resource

    A collaborative knowledge sharing resource supporting the development of Australia’s hydrogen industry

The Victorian Hydrogen Hub will be connected to a matching facility to be built by ARENA 2036 in Germany. This research facility brings industry on campus at the University of Stuttgart. Our partnership presents a unique opportunity to work closely with the sector, across continents, to create scalable, global, hydrogen-based solutions.

What will be created?

The development of a domestic hydrogen industry in Victoria and Australia will need insights from across disciplines, industries and communities. The Victorian Hydrogen Hub will build that ecosystem, answering questions about the technology, processes and people that will be needed to implement hydrogen in our economy. With our partners, we will explore new business models, seek community insights into the applications of hydrogen, investigate the regulatory and safety requirements, identify the training needs of the future workforce and develop new technologies, products and services that will create jobs and strengthen local industry.

Diagram on how the Victorian Hydrogen Hub will combine technology, processes and people within its model.

Demonstration Centres

The Victorian Hydrogen Hub will be built to house a Technology Demonstration Centre and Demonstration Hydrogen Refuelling Station - with both hydrogen production and storage facilities. Development and testing of storage and transport systems for hydrogen will be a key activity for the Hub, these demonstration facilities will be used to expand the understanding of hydrogen as a fuel for industry and business, as well as the community more widely.

Victorian Hydrogen Industry Capability Program

A dynamic and innovative team will gather at the Hub, bringing together bright minds focused on creating a sustainable future. For those seeking to advance their knowledge in this burgeoning area, we will be offering:

  • industry-based research and training opportunities (including European exchange options); PhD and Masters Scholarships will be available for this program, with half of the scholarships intended for women.
  • Work integrated learning and internship opportunities for Swinburne PhD, undergraduate and vocational education students, understanding and readying a workforce to support rapid scale-up of the hydrogen sector.
  • a bespoke hydrogen business readiness program, an extension of Swinburne’s existing Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub activities.

Connection is key to the Victorian Hydrogen Hub, creating active partnerships with researchers, industry and government and supporting business development in the sector, ensuring the Hub is an integrated part of the expanded community. 

Community engagement 

Community engagement will also be central to the Hub, with work carried out in concert with talented staff from Swinburne’s Social Innovation Research Institute and Design Factory Melbourne. working with the Victorian community to support the adoption of hydrogen as a green energy alternative.

Industry Advisory Board

An Industry Advisory Board will be established to oversee the Victorian Hydrogen Hub, this will be led by Mr David Wilson, Director and COO of Sumitomo Australia

Using the funding from the Victorian government’s Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund - the Victorian Hydrogen Hub will contribute to Australia’s COVID recovery, create jobs, build new economic outcomes for Australia and play an important role in decarbonisation, contributing to state, national and global approaches to sustainability.

  • “We are excited by this development and grateful to the Victorian Government for their support. The Victorian Hydrogen Hub will be another demonstration of how we can bring people and technology together to create a better world

    Professor Pascale Quester , Vice-Chancellor and President, Swinburne University of Technology

Are you interested in the fuel of the future and want to be part of the solution?

Join our team. Recruitment for professional roles, post-doctoral positions and PhD scholarships will be advertised on our careers page.

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