We are embracing digitalisation and Industry 4.0 to develop intelligent manufacturing processes using advanced composite materials, to design and produce innovative aerostructures.

Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub

Aerostructures Innovation Research (AIR) Hub

Learn about AIR Hub, one of the largest and most active aerospace research collaborations in Australia. Through our five key research areas, we are developing the next generation of aerostructures for use in civil aviation, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, uncrewed aerial systems, advanced air mobility, and space.

Key capabilities

The AIR Hub’s mission is to develop next generation aerostructures for advanced air mobility in Victoria and Australia through our expertise in:


Intelligent manufacturing processes

Advanced composite materials 

Advanced Air Operations and Human Factors

Our projects

The AIR Hub is driving innovation in aerostructures, focusing on civil, cargo and aeromedical airliners, urban electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air vehicles, and advanced composite materials for the space and satellite industries. This includes:

  • Civil aircraft: focusing on integrated structures to reduce part count and assembly & increase functionality for flight control surfaces and space structures.
  • Advanced Air Mobility including eVTOL: focusing on novel structures that are safe and efficient for delivery drones to passenger-carrying air taxis.
  • Technology Activation: commercialising new technologies through a focused aerospace accelerator & incubator platform.
  • Hydrogen Fuels: working closely with the Victorian Hydrogen Hub to research and develop capacity for hydrogen storage on aircraft and eVTOL vehicles. 
Hydrogen to the Skies

Hydrogen to the Skies

The Hydrogen to the Skies project is creating the next generation of sustainable aviation now. Thanks to Australian Government funding, we’re working with Textron Systems Australia to create a real-world prototype of a hydrogen-propelled drone.

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Want to know more about the work being completed by the AIR Hub? View our collection of past webinars and other digital media.

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The AIR Hub brings together the research expertise of:

With Australia's aerospace industry leaders:

Our memberships:

State-of-the-art facilities

We have access to state-of-the-art facilities to develop and test intelligent manufacturing processes and advanced composite materials in the design and development of innovative aerostructures. This includes:

  • Swinburne-CSIRO National Industry 4.0 Testlab

    The Swinburne-CSIRO National Industry 4.0 Testlab conducts industrial scale multilayer 3D printing for near net composite manufacturing and solutions for automotive and aerospace parts, processes and systems.

  • a building

    ANSTO - The Australian Synchrotron

    The only one of its kind in Australia, this major research facility uses powerful beams of light to examine the molecular and atomic details of a wide range of materials.

  • Modern hydrogen energy storage system accompaind by large solar power plant and wind turbine park in sunny summer afteroon light with blue sky and scattered clouds. 3d rendering.

    Victorian Hydrogen Hub

    In partnership with CSIRO and ARENA 2036, Swinburne’s Victorian Hydrogen Hub brings together the community to support sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • With AIR Hub, we intend to work particularly on building our capability here in Australia … it gives us the chance to accelerate, do things in a very cost-effective way … and really build on the opportunities for the future of Australia and aerospace manufacturing. This [The AIR Hub] really sets us up to be in the best possible position to deliver into new aeroplane programs of the future.

    Michael Edwards , General Manager, Boeing Research and Technology

Our people

Work with us

The AIRHub is a focal point for Australia’s aerospace industry in Victoria and works closely with local SMEs to support their transition and enhance their global competitiveness.  If you’re interested in engaging with the AIR Hub or just want to know more, please contact airhub@swinburne.edu.au.

  • Low Angle View Of Drone At Dusk

    AIR Pass

    Experience six-month prototyping and commercialisation support for aerospace ventures with funding from AIR Hub to get to your first or next customer.

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Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub
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Aerostructures Innovation Research Hub

Discover how AIR Hub is supporting Australia to become a global leader in aerospace technology through its five key research areas.

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