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Faculty of Health, Arts & Design

Shenshen Cai

Accredited Supervisor
Originally from Beijing, Shenshen completed her PhD in contemporary Chinese culture studies with the School of Humanities at Griffith University and has a broad research interest in contemporary Chinese literature, film, theatre and folklore studies. Shens...

Maria Camacho

Strategic & Transformative Design: Design Thinking and Complexity; Product Innovation Design
Maria is a lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology and a PhD fellow with the CSIRO* researching models of design thinking. For ten years she has been an academic partner of Stanford University’s ME310 global design innovation course. She has over ...

Nanette Carter

Consumption and everyday life (especially cafes, bars, shops, and restaurants, cinemas and department stores); Australian design history; design innovation, DIY culture
Accredited Supervisor
Nanette Carter is enthusiastic about sharing the history of design with popular audiences through publications and curatorial projects.She has diverse research interests in the field of design. The first is design history, with particular focus on Australi...

Sharon Chen

Accredited Supervisor
Upon completing a PhD in statistics in 2004 from the University of Kentucky (USA), I was invited to join a private clinical research organisation in Malaysia as a Consultant Biostatistician. This company provides statistical related support, particularly i...

Esther Chin

Communication, Journalism and Media Studies; Digital Media, Film and Television; Sociology; Education; global communication; media and education; Christian communication; media and migration; social relations; cultural diversity
Accredited Supervisor

Belinda Christie

Accredited Supervisor
Belinda Christie is a postdoctoral research fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living. Her research interests lie in the fields of environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaption, and educ...

Joseph Ciorciari

Brain sciences; Disassociated Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder); Decision Making Neurosciences; Neuromarketing; Neurobiology of Individual Differences; Mood Disorders; Neuroscience; Neuroaffective Design
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor Joseph Ciorciari is a Associate Professor who has taught into the Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Psychophysiology undergraduate, honours and postgraduate programs at Swinburne University of Technology.He is current...