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Faculty of Business and Law

Rowan Bedggood

Accredited Supervisor
Rowan has extensive experience in the Marketing discipline with over 18 years teaching in universities. In 2010, she won the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, and also the Vice Chancellors Teaching Excellence award. Her areas of teaching experience includ...

Timothy Bednall

Organisational Psychology; Learning; Training; Expertise; Advanced Research Methods; Complex Skill Development; Self-Directed Learning; Informal Learning; Innovation
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Timothy Colin Bednall joined the Department of Management and Marketing as a lecturer in management in February 2014. He previously worked at the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales. He has also worked in industry for the ...

Julia Benkert

Accredited Supervisor
Julia is an applied researcher in the areas of business sustainability, business ethics, values-oriented decision-making, and sustainable supply chain management. Julia has recently completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in which she studied the ...

Rohan Bennett

Accredited Supervisor
Rohan is an Associate Professor and Discipline Leader in Information Systems, with the Faculty of Business and Law, Swinburne Business School, Department of Business Technology and Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Until 2017...

Santina Bertone

Diversity Management
Accredited Supervisor
Santina has been researching in the area of immigration and work since the 1990s. She led the Workplace Studies Centre for over a decade, winning grants and publishing on immigrant women, industrial restructuring, immigrants and trade unions and managing d...

Michela Betta

Ethics and economics; Bioethics and genetic enhancement; Humanistic management; Entrepreneurship; Organisation theory; Social issues in the 21st century; Philosophy and Sociology.
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Michela Betta studied philosophy and social sciences in Milan and Frankfurt, and completed her doctorate dissertation at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt with magna cum laude. Michela is a researcher, teacher, and practical theorist.TEACHI...

Helen Bird

Helen Bird is a law and corporate governance specialist, researching, publishing and teaching about regulatory trends and the implications of corporate law and corporate governance for Australian companies, the provision of financial services, dealings in ...

Naomi Birdthistle

Accredited Supervisor
Naomi is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology. A graduate of Stirling University (B.BS 1995) and the University of Limerick, (MBS 1998, PhD 2004), she has authored and co-authored over 50 referred jou...

Mark Bowden

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Mark Bowden is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Swinburne's Faculty of Business and Enterprise. He teaches Microeconomics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Prior to joining academia, Mark worked in the energy industry for over 10 years in ...