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Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing

Glen Mackie

Galaxy formation and evolution; Large-scale structure of the Universe; Modern tests of cosmology; Multiwavelength properties of galaxies; Astronomy education; Online learning Profile
Accredited Supervisor
I received a Ph.D. (The Stellar Content of Central Dominant Galaxies) from the Australian National University in 1990, and subsequently worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Carter Observatory (Wellingt...

Sarah Maddison

Astronomy; Planet formation; Star formation; Extrasolar planets
Accredited Supervisor
I am the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation and Change), leading strategic academic innovation and change, and supporting STEM transformation at Swinburne.  I am also a professor of astrophysics and my main area of interest is planet format...

Ian Morrison

Pulsars; Square Kilometre Array; Signal and Image Processing
Accredited Supervisor
As an electronic engineer with a background in signal processing, I am interested in applying my knowledge to problems in radio astronomy, such as the detection of pulsars, transients and artificial radio sources.

Michael Murphy

Astronomy; Galaxies and quasars in the distant Universe; Cosmological variations in the laws of nature; The large-scale structure of the Universe; The evolution of the Universe; Precision spectroscopy in astronomy
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Michael Murphy is an observational astrophysicist at Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. His research examines various aspects of cosmology, the universe’s properties and evolution on the largest possible scales. Professor...

Nikki Nielsen

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Nielsen is a postdoc in the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne. She completed her PhD in Astronomy at New Mexico State University (USA) in 2015, focusing on how galaxies evolve by studying the behavior of massive reservoirs of gas k...

Stefan Oslowski

Accredited Supervisor

Emma Ryan-Weber

Astronomy; Astrophysics; Physics; Intergalactic Medium; Reionization; Keck; ASKAP
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor Emma Ryan-Weber is an astronomer and QEII Research Fellow leading the intergalactic medium research group at Swinburne. This science focuses on detecting metals in absorption at very high redshifts. Dr Ryan-Weber and her team conduct th...

Manodeep Sinha

Accredited Supervisor