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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Matthew Bailes

Astronomy; Pulsars; Big Bang Cosmology
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Matthew Bailes is an Australian research Council Laureate Fellow and the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGRav). He is a world leader in the discovery and timing of millisecond p...

Chris Blake

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Chris Blake is an observational cosmologist with research interests in large-scale structure, dark energy and gravity, and galaxy evolution. His research examines questions concerning how the universe was made, what it is formed of, and the physi...

James Chon

Nanophotonics; Nanoplasmonics; Biophotonics; Applied Optics; Multi-Dimensional Optical Data Storage; Graphene; Cell Biophysics; Nanomaterials; Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor James Chon's research interest is in optical microscopy and spectroscopy of single quantum objects. This research area includes plasmonic, metallic, semiconductor nanoparticles and dye molecules, and their application in nanophotonic de...

Darren Croton

Astronomy; Cosmology and the Big Bang; Galaxy formation and evolution; Black holes and quasars; Large galaxy surveys; Supercomputer simulations of galaxies and the Universe; Dark matter and dark energy; High performance computing in science
Accredited Supervisor
Darren Croton is a Professor of Astrophysics at Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. His research concerns understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies in the local and high redshift universe, using both simulations and large ...

Bryan Dalton

Accredited Supervisor

Lap Dao

Accredited Supervisor

Jeffrey Davis

Accredited Supervisor

Blanca Del Rosal Rabes

Accredited Supervisor

Peter Drummond

Scientific Computing and Visualisation; Ultracold Quantum Gases; Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy; Quantum information; GPU and advanced HPC algorithms
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Drummond was educated at Auckland and Waikato University in New Zealand, and at Harvard University in the USA. He has worked as an academic at Auckland and Queensland Universities, and as a researcher at Rochester University. He has been a visiti...

Christopher Fluke

Astronomy education; Astronomy public outreach; Astronomy Visualisation; Scientific Visualisation; Gravitational Lensing
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor Christopher Fluke is an astronomer and astronomy communicator at Swinburne’s Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. His primary research interests are in techniques for 3D visualisation with applications in astronomy and biomater...