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Centre for Urban Transitions

Belinda Christie

Accredited Supervisor
Belinda Christie is a postdoctoral research fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, supported by the CRC for Low Carbon Living. Her research interests lie in the fields of environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaption, and educ...

Paddy Dempsey

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Dempsey is a multidisciplinary early career medical research scientist, with groundings in sport and exercise physiology. He works within the Smart Cities Institute as part of the Centre for Urban Transitions. He is also an honorary Postdoctoral Re...

Sandra Gifford

Forced Migration; Anthropology
Accredited Supervisor
Sandy Gifford is Professor of Urban Anthropology in the Centre for Urban Transitions. Her research focuses on forced migration, refugee settlement and the uses of digital technologies among forced and undocumented migrants in urban transnational contexts. ...

Stephen Glackin

Accredited Supervisor
Stephen's current area of research focus is the built environment of urban areas and how to optimise planning into the future.  His fields of expertise range from sociology to computer science, covering community engagement/development, cultural studi...

Peter Graham

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Peter or Peter Graham is Professor – Smart Low Carbon Cities and Deputy Director of the Swinburne Centre for Urban Transitions. He is also Director of the Global Buildings Performance Network (www.gbpn...

Kath Hulse

Private rental; Housing policy; Housing and communities; Affordable housing; Social housing
Accredited Supervisor
Kath Hulse is Director of the Centre for Urban Transitions and research professor in housing studies. Her primary research interest is in the housing and urban drivers and consequences of economic, social, political and cultural change. Kath has a particua...

Iris Levin

Accredited Supervisor
Iris Levin is Research Fellow at the Centre for Urban Transitions working on housing, social planning, migration and social diversity. Iris Levin gained her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2010, and joined Swinburne University in 2017 after working...

Peter Mares

migration; refugees; asylum seekers; public policy
Peter Mares is an independent writer and researcher. He is the author of two books: Not Quite Australian: how temporary migration is changing Australia (Text 2016) and Borderline (UNSW Press 2001 & 2002), an award-winning analysis of Australia’s poli...

Sean McNelis

Housing and Urban Studies; Philosophy; Sociology
Accredited Supervisor
Sean has over 30 years experience in housing management, housing policy and housing research.In the 1980s, he worked as a housing manager living on a high-rise public housing estate in Melbourne and as a community development worker managing and developing...