The Internet of Things (IoT) Training Academy is a joint project between Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and Vellore Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology in India.

This bilateral relationship is supported by the DFAT Australia-India Council Grant and is dedicated to strengthening three key pillars of STEM education:

  • STEM awareness
  • industry partnerships
  • higher education and research. 

STEM awareness

One of the main goals of The Internet of Things Training Academy is to improve the quality of STEM education and digital literacy from an early age via innovative pathways and new learning spaces. 

As a platform, the Training Academy addresses challenges faced by primary and secondary STEM teachers and learners while creating awareness by bringing together experts and industries from Australia and India. By enriching STEM educators and encouraging students in local communities to explore their potential, we can then raise awareness of the opportunities that higher STEM education can bring.

Industry partnerships

Our Training Academy creates space for collaboration and research between industry experts, engineers and entrepreneurs. Engaging in this way addresses Industry 4.0 challenges and breaks down barriers while increasing the demand for digital technologies in contemporary industrial and educational environments.

We connect learners and educators through industry, which in turn strengthens the Internet of Things ecosystem. We are also dedicated to discovering and developing Internet of Things business opportunities for international industrial collaboration between Australia and India.

Higher education and research

In higher education, the Internet of Things Training Academy focuses on learning, research and exploration to tease out the promise of digital technologies and their application in consumer, retail, healthcare and industrial settings. Higher education offers richer learning experiences and authentic insights into students’ learning processes.

Our unique insights also provide stakeholders with a real-world view of students, staff and research consortiums. Ultimately, our aim is to leverage digital technologies to connect people, technology and resources.

Our workshops

We will be conducting a series of workshops during 2021. Further details to be announced soon.

Our teams

Australia project team

India project teams

Two Indian universities will be collaborating with Swinburne on the Internet of Things Training Academy.

Vellore Institute of Technology (Chennai, India)

School of Computing Science and Engineering

Dr Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Associate Professor

Dr P Balakrishnan

Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad, India)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr Abhinav Kumar Assistant Professor

Dr SaiDhiraj Amuru, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact the Internet of Things Training Academy

If you have any queries regarding the Internet of Things Training Academy please contact our project leader, Dr Siva Chandrasekaran, by emailing

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