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Professor Prem Prakash Jayaraman

Director, Factory of the Future and Digital Innovation Lab


Prof. Jayaraman is a Professor in Internet of Things and Distributed Systems and leads a number of strategic initiatives at Swinburne - Factory of the Future, Digital Innovation Lab and Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub. He leads a team of academics, industry professionals, research fellows and engineers to deliver digital transformation programs within the university in partnership with several industry partners (Australian SMEs and global businesses) enabling Australian industries to be more efficient and locally/globally competitive. 


The Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Hub - the only university-based Industry 4.0 advisory and consulting program of its kind, delivered by industry-professionals to help manufacturing businesses transition to Lean Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Bringing together a mix of seasoned manufacturing, R&D and commercialisation experts, the Hub helps organisations access the benefits of Industry 4.0 digital technologies, including 3D printing, autonomous robotics, the Industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR). SMEs embark on a unique digital transformation journey and leave with targeted digital manufacturing solutions, which they need to make an impact in their business with. AMI4.0 Hub’s flagship service is the futuremap® I4.0 Business Assessment, providing industries with a comprehensive and intuitive way to assess their readiness and future targets for I4.0. The assessments deliver short-, medium- and long-term recommendations to boost productivity, improve process control, enhance factory visibility, create better training outcomes, and improve manufacturers’ confidence to adopt new technologies and make informed technology investment decisions. The Hub has delivered its services to over 500+ manufacturing organisation across Victoria (including 30+ I4.0 Business Assessments) – 70% of which are SME manufacturers. 



Exemplar recent Digital Transformation projects delivered by his team –

  • Industrial IoT Solution to improve yield, reduce waste and subsequently bring a more positive environmental impact -
  • Low-cost industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution to address issues related to the inconsistency of labelling in red meat processing operations. - (Smart Label Solution)
  • The 5G-IoT solution for real-time road condition monitoring – helping Council to proactively identify the location of maintenance issues such as illegal dumping and damage to road signs. -


Prof. Jayaraman plays an important role in setting the strategic direction to manage the existing research-industry engagements, growing new whole-of-university strategic partnerships as well as contributing to the operationalising of the Swinburne 2025 strategic plan. The primary focus is to identify, foster and establish new strategic partnerships in Industry 4.0, digital innovation and transformation (with specific focus on Digital Manufacturing) that align with Swinburne’s values and in leading digital transformation of Australian industries.

Prof. Jayaraman is a world leading expert in Internet of Things and Distributed System. Prof. Jayaraman’s research has aimed to develop novel and resilient Internet of Things architectures that work in uncertain distributed environments. He has received over $7.5Mil in competitive external research funding (CAT 1 – 4) from both industry and ARC to fund his research (a significant portion of this income is to conduct industry-based research). He has published over 150 papers in several top venues including IEEE Communication and Tutorials, ACM Surveys, Transaction of Cloud Computing, Elsevier Computational Science, Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centred Systems, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, The Scientific World Journal in the related area of his research.



His Google Scholar citation is 5800+ with a h-index of 38 (



He has pioneered the Internet of Things systems research area developing and deploying Industrial IoT solutions for various domains including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Food and Beverages, Mining and Health. Prof. Jayaraman has been awarded 2 VC awards for his excellence in industry-based research and has won two best paper awards at top tier computer science conferences.



Prior to joining Swinburne, Dr Jayaraman was a Post Doctoral Research Scientist (2012 - 2015) in the Digital Productivity and Services Flagship of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australian Government's Premier Research Agency. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Centre for Distributed Systems and Software Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2010 - 2011). He is an active member and a significant contributor (research and development) to the EU FP7 STReP project, Open-source platform for Internet of Things (OpenIoT - – the first project to develop a platform for Internet of Things. The OpenIoT project was awarded the prestigious Black Duck Rookie of the Year Award in 2013.


Research interests

Cloud Computing; Internet of Things; Mobile Computing

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.


Available to supervise honours students.


  • 2015, National, First Prize - IoT Hackathon, Unearthed


Also published as: Jayaraman, Prem; Jayaraman, P.; Jayaraman, Prem Prakash; Jayaraman, P. P.; Jayaraman, Prem P.; Prakash Jayaraman, P.; Prakash Jayaraman, Prem
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2024: 5G-connected video analytic for level crossing safety monitoring and assessment *; Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (Cwlth)
  • 2024: CSIRO - 61-NGET-R2 - Artificial Intelligence of Things Empowering Industrial Digital Twin *; Next Generation Graduates Program
  • 2024: Exploration of AI-Driven Carbon Emission Estimation: Integrating Consumer Behavioural Patterns and Merchant Profiles *; SPV FINTECH PTY LTD (SPHERE FOR GOOD HOLDINGS)_FUND SCHEME
  • 2024: Industry 4.0 Technical Lead - Swinburne *; Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC Limited)
  • 2024: Video analytics for data-driven safety and sustainability planning *; City of Casey Fund Scheme
  • 2023: Artificial Intelligence of Things Empowering Industrial Digital Twin *; Next Generation Graduates Program
  • 2023: Development and evaluation of video analytics solutions for freight origin-destination estimation *; iMOVECRC
  • 2023: Responsible AI for Net Zero – An Australia and India Collaborative Approach towards Practice, Governance and Ethics in Energy Futures *; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Cwlth)
  • 2022: Australian Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) of BEV, FCEV and Diesel Trucks *; IVECO Trucks Australia limited
  • 2022: Building National Cybersecurity Capabilities for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing *; Next Generation Graduates Program
  • 2022: Data-integrated Visualization and Analytics (DiVA) Platform for Transport Emissions, Efficiency and Sustainability *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Future Map License - Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment Program & Development of New futuremap survey element - Clean Energy *; Innovative Manufacturing CRC
  • 2022: iMOVE Australia Limited (“iMOVE”), Level Crossing Removal Project (“LXRP”) - Construction industry supply chain data sharing framework *; iMOVECRC
  • 2022: Industrial Internet-of-Things Solution for Real-time Product Quality Assessment *; Innovative Manufacturing CRC
  • 2022: Second Phase: Virtual Reality-based Next Generation Lean Leader Training Platform *; Theta Wave Pty Ltd - Partnership Funds
  • 2022: SenShaMart: A Trusted Internet of Things Marketplace for Sensor Sharing *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2022: “GENIE”: A virtual clinical platform empowering equitable access to optimal care for individuals living with genetic disorders *; Digital Health CRC
  • 2021: A low cost IoT-based solution for Tracking and Monitoring of Freight Consignments *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: An IoT solution for measuring knife sharpness and force in Red Meat Processing plants *; Australian Meat Processor Corporation
  • 2021: Design and Development of Navigator Mobile Application for Northern Health *; Northern Health
  • 2021: Development of a low-cost IoT solution to monitor the localisation of electric bikes in real-time *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Mobile 5G IoT Solution for Data Driven Road Asset Maintenance in Brimbank *; Australian 5G Innovation Initiative
  • 2021: Replacement Bus Patronage Counting and Wait Time Measurement *; iMOVECRC
  • 2021: Research and Development of a Solution for Question/Answer Generation and Assessment from Video using Natural Language Processing *; VidVersity Fund Scheme
  • 2021: Video-based analytics for monitoring patronage and usage patterns of parklets in the municipality of Boroondara *; Boroondara City Council
  • 2021: Virtual Reality based Next Generation Lean Leader Training Platform *; Theta Wave Pty Ltd - Partnership Funds
  • 2020: A low-cost labeling solution for product authentication *; iMOVECRC
  • 2020: A novel approach for mobile identification and counting of microbial cells *; GRETALS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
  • 2020: Adaptive context caching for fast concurrent access in Internet of Things *; ARC Discovery Projects Scheme
  • 2020: Applying AI and ML to Design and Develop better Clinical Care Paths *; Epworth Healthcare
  • 2020: CLOTS – technical solution : 4-Model Decision Support Tool for ALL surgical and interventional procedures *; Digital Health CRC
  • 2020: Development of Proof-of-Concept AI-based solution for SoA (Statement of Advice) Assessment *; Fourth Line
  • 2020: Reducing the cost of medication errors and non adherence *; Digital Health CRC
  • 2020: Workshop to establish India-Australia Internet of Things Training Academy *; DFAT Australia-India Council
  • 2019: Assessment of data requirement for a Supply Chain Traceability Platform *; Bondi Laboratories Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Connected roads – Road safety data and analysis *; iMOVECRC
  • 2019: Development and Trial of an IoT Solution for labelling consistency and integrity in meat export supply chains *; Australian Meat Processor Corporation
  • 2019: Development of an Internet of Things-based Physical Access Controller *; Innovation Connections
  • 2019: Development of an IoT solution for counting and scaling of logs for export Supply Chains *; Swinburne Research, DVCR&D - Internal contributions
  • 2019: Development of portable parasite identification and counting prototype system for farms *; Innovation Connections
  • 2019: Digital Wallets: The impacts, implications and issues *; 460degrees_PT
  • 2019: Industry 4.0 Data-driven study for dealing with variation in the Vegemite Evaporation Process *; Bega Cheese Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Industry 4.0 Inbound Milk Supply Chain Monitoring Pilot *; Bega Cheese Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Live Inbound Milk Logistics Monitoring and Forecasting Platform *; Bega Cheese Pty Ltd
  • 2019: Wearable gait and neurological diagnostics system in the form of a smart insole *; RIZMIK_PT
  • 2018: Bus replacement services for rail passenger service disruptions *; iMOVECRC
  • 2018: Development of a deep-learning based solution for detecting corrosion in industrial assets using images captured from drones *; Robonomics AI
  • 2018: DXC Transformation Centre at Swinburne *; DXC Technology Pty Ltd
  • 2018: Industry 4.0 Business Consulting *; DXC Technology Pty Ltd
  • 2018: NetCollect - Online social network data collection and visualization platform *; SNA Think Tank Fund Scheme
  • 2018: Social and Economic Inclusion Evaluation of a Peer Support Platform for People with low vision and blindness *; DXC Technology Pty Ltd
  • 2017: Development and trial of a IoT-based system for environmental and corporate compliance monitoring of retail fuel outlets. *; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Cwlth)

* Chief Investigator

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