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We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and form new partnerships.

The Smart Cities Research Institute engages with partner organisations on research projects and initiatives.

We develop collaborations with companies interested in working with the Institute on advanced technological and sociological innovation particularly in the following areas:

  • state and local government
  • planners
  • engineers
  • architects
  • urban developers
  • accountants
  • financiers

Please contact us if you have an issue that you would like our researchers to address in collaboration with you.

Successful partnered projects 


External partners: United Housing Cooperative
Renewable Energy Retrofitting and Energy Poverty in Low‐income Households.

This project analysed the effectiveness of photovoltaic (PV) installations and energy performance feedback (awareness of energy consumption) in alleviating energy poverty and managing energy consumption in low‐income co‐operative housing tenants. 


External partners: Mirvac and Grimshaw Architects
Media art as urban story telling: Australian opportunities for data-driven content on large format screens.

In 2018 Mirvac celebrated the official opening of its new office building at 664 Collins Street in Melbourne’s Docklands. Mirvac partnered with Grimshaw Architects and Swinburne University to develop an eight metre LED modular wall, which has over 255 screens weaved together to create a stunning platform that showcases digital artwork in the main lobby. Read more.


External partners: Appearition
Serious Business Games: Drawing on immersive games experiences to develop tools for workplace support in the digital economy.

A transdisciplinary research team from Games and Interactivity, Immersive Experiences and Data Visualisation worked with Appearition, a Melbourne company specializing in business applications of AR to develop a prototype platform for supporting future workplace models in urban environments rich in IoT technologies.

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AR Room Scanner

Serious Business Games was a research endeavor between the Smart Cities Research Institute and Melbourne-based company Appearition to investigate the use of game based paradigms applied to the problem of workplace collaboration and information sharing.

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There are many ways to engage with us. If your organisation is dealing with a complex problem, then get in touch to discuss how we can work together to provide solutions.

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