The Smart Cities Research Institute applies innovative and socio-technical approaches to address the challenges facing the world’s fast-growing cities — challenges such as climate change, altered energy, food or water security, issues of mobility and health, ageing population and disruptions to the nature of work and home. We are striving to meet these challenges head-on through the development of ‘smart cities’. 

Our research programs

Our research is transdisciplinary — encompassing urban technology, design and communication, computer and data science, health and psychology, and social science — and always includes at least one external partner. 

Our people

Our team brings together expertise in urban environment design and management, transport and mobility solutions, new building infrastructure, and new distributed technologies for energy, water, waste and transport. 

Insights and analysis

A ‘smart city’ uses information and communication technology to provide innovative and efficient services, raising the standard of living for all while promoting sustainability and reducing human impact on the environment. It also introduces opportunities for citizens to participate in design decisions that directly affect them. Read the latest insights and analysis in this space from our team.

Work with us

We have a talented team of researchers across a variety of disciplines who can work with you to solve complex problems of all sizes. Get your project started by following these steps:

  • Discuss

    Step 1

    Let us know what challenges you are experiencing, your ideas or your questions and we’ll align our research expertise. Call us on +61 3 9214 5177 or email

  • Develop

    Step 2 

    Relevant experts from our team will work with you to create ideas and identify possible solutions to the challenges we are facing. 

  • Resource

    Step 3

    If the project needs funding, there are various opportunities we can tap into, including applying for external grant funding.

  • Implement

    Step 4

    We will design and implement a research project to address the issues at hand and deliver answers.

Upcoming events

  • Research
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Business

    Smart After Dark – Victoria’s Night Life Scene: Pre Pandemic

    Discover the state of play of Victoria’s night life industry and contribute to discussions on its future.

    Wed 17 March
    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
    Register now (Smart After Dark – Victoria’s Night Life Scene: Pre Pandemic)
  • Research
    • Innovation
    • Technology
    • Sustainability
    • Built Environment and Architecture

    Workshop: It’s Time: Transitioning onto a Smarter Campus

    In this session we will focus on contributions that individuals can make in establishing transdisciplinary research opportunities around a smarter, sustainable campus, as we transition back to a campus operating under the “new normal”.

    Thu 18 February
    12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
    Register now (Workshop: It’s Time: Transitioning onto a Smarter Campus)
  • Research
    • Innovation
    • Sustainability
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Built Environment and Architecture

    Workshop: Citizen Participation in Climate Change Action

    You are invited to participate in a Swinburne Smart City Research Institute codesign workshop.

    Thu 10 December
    3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    Register now (Workshop: Citizen Participation in Climate Change Action)

Our latest news

Find more news articles about the Smart Cities Research Institute. 

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