In summary

  • The Emerging Leaders Program is an initiative that prepares students with exemplary employability skills and builds confidence in industry, community and global settings.
  • Swinburne students Nathan Xerri, Jacqueline Musiov and Ilene D Costa share their experiences and involvement in the program. 

Swinburne’s Emerging Leaders Program is an initiative designed to foster and develop outstanding professional graduates for the workplace of the future.

This innovative program encourages students to grow their portfolio of skills and broaden their range of industry and community experiences alongside their studies. Students are presented with opportunities to showcase their career-relevant abilities through activities including volunteer work, internships, professional placements, study tours and participation in clubs.

Swinburne offers this valuable program to recognise the diverse range of activities and events students are engaged in, ensuring an inclusive and accessible platform for students to document experiences and reflect on the development of their employability skills and import for their future careers.

Leading the way

The Emerging Leaders Program has enabled students such as Nathan Xerri, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Management), to step out of his comfort zone and develop his employability skills whilst flourishing in additional challenges and tasks.

“I have strengthened my skills in reflection, drive and networking. The program has allowed me to move forward and aim high in my career, whilst thinking on what I have done previously,” shares Nathan.

Nathan participated in a Swinburne internship at Programmed, which has led him to a full-time position at the company. 

Astronomical success

Exemplary student Jacqueline Musiov, who is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Science, highlights how her experience in the program has led her to demonstrate her confidence as future leader in her chosen industry.

From her experience with working in Swinburne’s Astrophysics Research Department Jacqueline strengthened her knowledge in her field of study, enabling her to earn the Industry Experience Certificate and the Research Certificate.

“I attended various conferences, seminars, and meetings with my supervisors. All these extra activities while doing research allowed me to make professional connections. I was even offered an external job managing a group for NASA Space Camp in Houston, Texas.”

When Jacqueline isn’t busy participating in outreach programs with OzGrav, you can find her hanging out by NASA’s rockets at Space camp.

New horizons

The Emerging Leaders Program encourages students like Ilene D Costa, who is a recent graduate after completing her Master of Business Information Systems, to strengthen her opportunities of employment, stand out from other graduates, and learn how to confidently communicate her skills in interviews and industry settings.

“After receiving consultations and attending various seminars, I achieved the confidence to clear my interviews and was offered the role as a Summer Vacationer with Deloitte Digital Australia. This opportunity was an immersive experience which brought my academic learning to life,” says Ilene.

Ilene (pictured centre) received the opportunity to build a network of connections at Deloitte Digital through her work with the program.

Getting involved

Students also receive their achievements formally recognised and documented on their academic transcript, demonstrating to future employers that they have the mindset and drive to invest in their career.

Students participating in the Emerging Leaders Program have previously been recognised across a variety of platforms including an award ceremony which has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.

The Emerging Leaders Program is available to current students, click here to register.

Swinburne also offers a similar program to secondary school students in VCE known as the Early Leaders Program. Applications for the Early Leaders Program have closed for 2020 and will reopen in February 2021.

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