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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, our face-to-face appointments have been temporarily suspended. If students wish to contact us, you can speak to one of the team via our email profplacements@swinburne.edu.au and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

An internship is a great opportunity to gain real industry experience and will equip you with the skills to succeed — all while earning credit towards your degree.

Internships are available for selected undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Benefits of undergraduate internships

An internship consists of between 120 hours (minimum) and 140 hours (maximum) of work in a field relating to your area of study. You can complete these hours part-time over one semester (one or two days per week, 16 to 19 days total), or as a full-time intensive block in summer or winter. Both options are part of an academic unit with online submissions.

At Swinburne, our internships give you the chance to:

  • observe and participate in real projects and day-to-day work, under the guidance of experienced professionals
  • develop professional and practical skills in your field
  • understand what it means to apply your knowledge in a work setting.
Can you do an overseas internship?

Internships are available to undergraduate students and are taken as an elective unit. At Swinburne, we also offer overseas internships to give students real industry experience in international organisations.

Overseas internships

Internship course credit

An internship is an academic unit with assessment linked to your work in your chosen industry. Your assessment is progressive throughout the internship and linked directly to your learning experience. Your first assessment is an ‘Internship Plan’ where you will have the opportunity to outline your learning aims and objectives for this unit.

Other assessments include check ins, reflective practice and writing that links academic theory to the world of work. The unit is an elective unit worth 12.5 credit points.

For local students, you may add this unit as an extra unit on top of your course if you do not have a free elective

Student stories

As a student at Swinburne, you may be eligible for an undergraduate internship if:

  • you are in a course that has an Internship as an accredited study option
  • you have completed a minimum of 150 credit points in your degree, or in the last semester of your degree have a minimum of one unit of study plus the Internship unit remaining to complete your degree
  • you have an elective unit free in your study plan
  • you have a weighted course average of 60% or higher.

Selection for an internship may include an interview with one of our industry partners. 

Note: domestic and international students studying through Swinburne Online (SOL) or Open Universities Australia (OUA) are not eligible for an internship.

Payment for internships
Internships are normally unpaid.

Students will be charged one standard unit tuition fee of between A$850.00 and A$1,812.00 for the Internship unit, depending on the unit study area.

Swinburne students who undertake an Internship unit will be covered by Swinburne’s Public Liability insurance policy. All internships will comply with the Australian Government’s Fair Work guidelines for unpaid internships.

If you have a disability or ongoing health issue and are undertaking a placement or internship, Swinburne offers a range of disability support services. Contact the team at AccessAbility

If you’re looking to complete an internship as an elective, the hours you work as part of that internship will count towards your visa’s work hour limits. 

The hours you work at an internship that is a mandatory requirement of your course will not count towards your visa’s work hour limits. 

If you need more information, you can check the conditions of your visa or contact us

How to apply for an internship 

You can register for an internship at any time, however it is a competitive process and we advise you to prepare in advance. To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Register your interest (below)
  • your eligibility will be confirmed within 1-3 days
  • if you are eligible, you will be added to the Career Start module to assist you with your CV and cover letter writing as well as interview skills
  • once Career Start has been successfully completed you will be provided access to view and apply for relevant internship opportunities
  • you will be required to attend an on-campus induction lecture prior to starting your internships.

Note: You’re able to self-source your own internship provided it is relevant to your course of study and the industry partner fits within our guidelines.

Securing an internship is a competitive process and will rely on the quality of your CV, cover letter, academic record, interview and portfolio (where applicable). In addition, each organisation will have a slightly different interview and screening process that may involve interviews, group assessments and other tasks. 

Register for the undergraduate internship program

Registrations for the undergraduate internship program is now open. 


Postgraduate internships

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Systems Analysis and Management Internship is a postgraduate internship opportunity that runs in each semester and starts in the first week of the semester.

This postgraduate internship projects includes assessments and work placements within approved organisations for 2 days per week over a 12-week semester period. You can apply for postgraduate internship projects in the final semester of Masters studies.

However, you should:

  • register your interest in the semester prior to becoming eligible
  • meet the eligibility criteria
  • attend a Faculty pre-internship interview.

Then gain access to available Internships released via InPlace.

Postgraduate ICT internship details

Typical projects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Analysis
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Web Development

Internship projects are credit-bearing. Assessments may include:

  • weekly work log and time sheet
  • project presentation at host organisation
  • software requirements specification document (for ICT80004 only)
  • preliminary plan, progress report and final report (INF80005/INF80022)
  • report and project deliverables to the host organisation.

To be eligible for the ICT and Information Systems Analysis and Management Postgraduate Internship, students should:

  • Be approaching final semester of an approved degree, for example
    • Master of Business Information Systems
    • Master of Information Technology
    • Master of Information Technology (Professional Computing)
    • Master of Information Technology Project Management
    • Master of Technology (IT)
    • Master of Science (Network Systems)
    • Master of Engineering Science (Network Systems and Telecommunications)
    • Master of Information Technology Business Analysis
    • Master of Cybersecurity
    • Master of Data Science
  • Maintain at least a 60% average
  • Have failed no more than one unit in the preceding semester
  • Pass a faculty pre-internship interview
  • Be available to undertake an interview with the host organisation prior to commencing internship
  • Possess strong communication skills as well as technical and theoretical knowledge applicable to the ICT industry
  • Must have a free elective to enable enrolment in the internship unit

Internship Projects depend on industry demand and are released in the semester prior to internship through InPlace access.

Successful interns are selected by host organisations, usually following an interview.

Factors which may affect success include prior work experience, academic record, as well as attitude, career objectives and communication styles.

Completion of Career Start (and any associated workshop) is highly recommended to assist students with applications.

Studying a postgraduate degree in ICT?

Apply for an internship in your final semester of studies. 

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