Applications for Semester 1 2024 are now closed.

Combine the adventure and excitement of travelling to another country while continuing your studies at one of our many partner universities. To apply for an overseas exchange, complete these steps before the application deadlines.

How to apply for an overseas exchange

Attend or watch a recording of our exchange information session. Please register your interest and the Swinburne Abroad team will send you details for the latest session.

Read the course planner for your course to make sure you are familiar with your course and the units you need to complete. Course planners contain information about:

  • the core units and other units that make up your course
  • the number of units you need to complete your course
  • the recommended study sequence to meet course requirements.

Enter your course title and select your course start year to download your course planner.

Picking a destination for a Semester Exchange (one or two semesters)

From our list of partner universities, research where you’d like to go and choose a suitable subject selection.

Ask yourself these three things:

  • Which universities are located in your preferred country?
  • Does the location teach courses in English?
  • Does the location have courses in your discipline?
  • Is there limitations on what courses you can study based on 

Note: You will be asked to select second and third preference universities as part of your application. Whilst we will try to get you a place at your first preference university, sometimes this isn’t possible for a number of reasons. You will need to make sure that you research the offerings at your second and third preference universities to make sure they also suit your course. 

Picking a destination for a Short-term Exchange (2-6 weeks)

During our Winter (June - July) and Summer (November - February) breaks, a number of short-term courses will be offered by a few of our partner universities.

Options will be limited compared to our Semester Exchange program and a list of offerings for each intake will be confirmed before the application deadline. Ensure you register your interest to receive up-to-date information from Swinburne Abroad about the Short-term Exchange programs on offer.

Different countries and universities can have very different credit systems. The credit transfer table has been designed as a guide to assist prospective overseas exchange students when completing a proposed study plan.

The main aim of this table is to ensure students are studying the equivalent of a Swinburne full-time credit load (50 or 37.5 credit points) when studying a semester at one of our partner universities by converting the academic credit systems. It should be used as a guide only. 

Semester exchange credit transfer table


For Short-term Exchange 

The credit equivalence for Short-term Exchange programs during Winter or Summer differ from the credit transfer table for Semester Exchange.

Students will study the equivalent of 12.5 or 25 credit points when studying a Short-term Exchange program. This is considered a full-time load during the Winter and Summer term.

Please contact Swinburne Abroad for further information about credit equivalence.

Download and complete a proposed study plan for the program you are applying for. This document is a crucial part of your application as it is used to outline the units you wish to study on Exchange and receive academic credit for.

If you wish to receive academic credit for any core units, ensure you download and use the unit descriptions template as you complete your proposed study plan. 

Once completed, send your proposed exchange study plan and unit descriptions document to the Swinburne Abroad team.

Applications for Semester 1 2024 are closed.

Now that you have your study plan drafted, you can start your online application.

You will be notified once your application is received. If your application is successful, we will issue you with an offer into the Swinburne Abroad overseas exchange program. You will need to accept your offer and pay the $100 Exchange Program Fee.

Note: Applications will be assessed after the deadline. This does not yet secure a place for you at your host university.

Additional risk management for overseas programs

As there is some risk with international travel, Swinburne has implemented more comprehensive measures to keep you safe while travelling.
This will involve additional requirements, including but not limited to:

  • flexibility regarding the choice of partner university due to limited numbers of places per institution
  • completion of a 'Risk Assessment Plan' – further information will be provided at later stages of the application process
  • attendance at a mandatory pre-departure briefing 
  • program acceptance fee of A$100 
  • other possible requirements as specified by Swinburne Abroad.

Swinburne Abroad will attempt to inform students of all requirements in advance; however, additional requirements and instructions may be given at any time during the exchange process.

If your application was successful, Swinburne Abroad will help guide you through the process of getting your academic study plan approved. This is to ensure your time overseas will give you the academic credit needed towards your Swinburne degree.

Swinburne Abroad will nominate you to the host institution and send you instructions on how to complete the host institution application. The host institution will notify you on the outcome. In the odd instance that your application is rejected, we will try to place you at your second or third preference.  

Your pre-departure requirements will be outlined to you by the Swinburne Abroad team before you leave for your exchange. You will be required to provide information and complete forms relating to risk management, flights, enrolment and more.

You will also need to attend a pre-departure session — this will cover lots of important information and is also a great opportunity to meet other students who might be heading to the same country as you, or even the same university!

Note: There will be additional pre-departure requirements as we return to travel with COVID-19. Students will be required to submit additional forms, work through a planning and risk assessment guide, and adhere to any and all risk management protocols. Details will be provided as you progress through your application.

After these steps are complete, Swinburne Abroad will amend your Swinburne enrolment prior to departure.

The adventure is about to begin! Pack your bags and get ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Bon voyage!

Tiger, Semester Exchange to Concordia University in Canada.

Been accepted? Apply for funding or a scholarship.

Been accepted for a semester abroad? Awesome! Before you start packing your bags and checking out Lonely Planet, you should apply for any available government funding or a scholarship you might be eligible for, to put towards your exchange program. Remember that you have to be accepted by the host institution before any eligible funding will be paid out.

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Application deadlines

A draft study plan and a completed online application (see step 6) must be submitted by the deadlines to apply for an overseas exchange.

31 July 2023

For a semester exchange in Semester 1 2024

31 January 2024

For a semester exchange in Semester 2 2024

Important information

These deadlines are Swinburne Abroad deadlines, which can be weeks to months prior to the partner university's deadline. This allows enough time for Swinburne Abroad to receive and assess applications, nominate students and work directly with the partner university. 

Interested in studying abroad?

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