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Current Swinburne students

There are many friendly faces waiting to help you at Swinburne Abroad.

Exchange programs

Contact us on or call (03) 9214 5926.

Study tours

Contact us on or call (03) 9214 5926.

Overseas internships

Contact us on or call (03) 9214 5926.

International students

If you are enrolled at one of our partner universities, please talk to the international office at your home university about coming to Swinburne as an exchange student.

If you are thinking of coming to Swinburne on a study abroad program (i.e. fee-paying program), you will need to talk to your home university but you may also obtain more information from one of our in-country representatives.

Contact us on or call +61 3 9214 3866.

Advisers and agents (international students)

As well as our student exchange opportunities for individuals, Swinburne can arrange a special study tour for a group of students from your institution.

Speak to us about tailoring a study tour specifically for a cohort of your students. Study tours provide an opportunity for international students to experience Australian life and culture in a safe, friendly environment.

Phone: +61 3 9214 3866