Sometimes, balancing life and study can be challenging. When you experience difficulties that impact on your study, our Student Success Coaches are here to help you. Whether you have issues with your study program, anxiety or stress, financial difficulty or are in need of specialist support, we’re here to listen and assist you with a plan.

There are currently 12 coaches across our three campuses who work directly with you to help keep you on track with your studies, face to face or online.

As a vocational student, you can reach out to us or chat to us when we come to your class.

About us

We are a team of Student Success Coaches whose priority is to assist students overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing in your life which impact on your ability to focus on and succeed in your studies. For every area of study at Swinburne PAVE, there is a Student Success Coach. The Student Success Coach works within the department, with access to students and teachers being paramount to successful outcomes.

The Student Success Coach in each area liaises with the teachers to provide tailored support for students. As a result, the work of the student success coach is unique to each area.

Swinburne's Student Success Coaching team

Book a meeting with our Student Success Coaches

Our friendly Student Success Coaches are available across all our campuses for your convenience. Simply click on a campus below for contact information to make a booking. We’re here for you.

Bassel Saab
Area: BDMICT: Accounting and Book Keeping/Justice
HSC: GE/Community Services
+61 3 9726 1425

James Thangman
Area: HSC: Migrant English
+61 3 9726 1562

David Clark
Area: TET: Plumbing/ Bricklaying/ Carpentry/ Building
+61 3 9726 1587
+61 437 741 486

Honey Smith
Area: TET: VCE/VCAL/Young Mums
+61 3 9726 1407

Gail Goodwin
Area: BDMICT: Business/Legal/Finance/Justice
Accounting and Book Keeping/Events and Marketing
+61 3 9214 6812

Helen Pillay
Area: BDMICT: Arts/Design/Screen & Media/Games and Development/Networking and Security/ICT
+61 3 9214 8962

Sherry Jiang
Area: HSC: Migrant English
+61 3 9214 4779

Katherine Lorenzoni
Area: HSC: Sciences/ Lab Tech/ Early Childhood/ Dip
TEP/ Education Support/ Allied Health/ General Education/
Community Services
TET: Engineering/ Building
+61 3 9214 6812

Silvina Pechiar
Area: BDMICT: Arts/ Accounting and Book Keeping/Visual
Merchandising, HSC: GE/ Early Childhood/ Education
Support / Teacher Preparation/ Disability/Community Services
+61 3 9210 1227

James Thangman
Area: HSC: Migrant English
+61 3 9210 1227

Sherry Jiang
Area: HSC: Migrant English
+61 3 9210 1266

Tracy Hall
Area: HSC: Nursing/Mental Health/Allied Health Assistance/
Individual Support
+61 3 9210 1266

Andrea La Greca
Area: TET: Electrical/ Horticulture/ Engineering
+61 437 788 540

Arti Vallabh
+61 3 9210 1947

Meet our Coaches

Gail Goodwin
Gail Goodwin
Bassel Saab
Bassel Saab

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