Report inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour

How to report

If you or someone you know is hurt or in immediate danger, call for help.

If you, or someone you know at Swinburne, is affected by inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour you can report it online. You’ll receive advice and support, and can choose to report anonymously. You can also contact Safer Community via email:

Provide as much information as you feel comfortable. The more information you provide (i.e. who, what, where and when), the more fully Safer Community can investigate.

After you report

Safer Community will assess the information you provide in your report and determine the most appropriate response. The response may include:

  • Gathering additional information and conducting further investigations
  • Contacting you for more information or to provide an update
  • Developing an action plan to support impacted persons and manage further risks
  • Making contact with the person in question
  • Providing referrals to internal or external specialist support services upon consent from the impacted parties to pass on personal information
  • Providing recommendations for misconduct sanctions
  • Recording the information.

Your privacy and confidentiality

  • All information will be confidential and your contact details will be kept private.
  • In exceptional circumstances, confidentiality may be broken. This may occur in situations where a Safer Community staff member believes you to be a direct danger to yourself or others.
  • You may report anonymously, but you will not receive any update on the response to your report. It’s important to note that it is difficult to verify or investigate anonymous reports as gathering all the information that may be required is challenging with anonymous cases.
  • Safer Community values your privacy.
  • This is how we manage your personal and health information.