Withdrawing from your course

If you’re thinking about withdrawing from your course, we encourage you to have a chat with one of our helpful advisers at studentHQ.

We understand that students can face challenging circumstances in their studies but there may be other options available to you aside from withdrawing.

For example, you can scale back your study load from full-time to part-time if you're finding it difficult to balance life and study commitments. Or you could take a leave of absence for a semester or two. 

Find out more about support services if you're experiencing challenges that affect your studies.

For information about withdrawing from one or more individual units, see our section on withdrawing from your units.

Local students

You can apply to withdraw from your course online, using the Withdrawal from course application form.

Withdrawal applications received after the last day of classes will not be processed until after results are released.

For more information about withdrawing from units online, download our help guide How to withdraw from units online [PDF 180KB].

Postgraduate research students

All enrolment enquiries, including course withdrawals, are handled by the Research team. If you're considering withdrawing from your research degree, in the first instance have a talk with your research supervisor.

If you're seeking more general advice around the administrative side of withdrawal, contact studentHQ

Postgraduate coursework students

For coursework postgraduate students, the process for withdrawal is the same as for any other student group, including higher education undergraduate students. 

Avoiding fees and penalties

The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit without being liable for all fees that relate to that unit.

If you're a higher education student, you will also incur an academic penalty (fail grade) if you withdraw from a unit or course after the academic penalty date.

To view the census date for your units, view your current enrolment online in My Enrolment. To see your academic penalty dates, check the academic calendar.

International students

If you’re an international student, you should first meet with an international student adviser if you are thinking about withdrawing from your course.

Many students can face challenges with their studies, but there may be other solutions for you such as a leave of absence.

You can also email the international student advisers if you have any questions.

For information about transferring to another institution and applying for a release letter, read our Student transfer request assessment guidelines.

Withdrawing from your course may affect your visa. You must have a valid visa to remain in Australia and we are required to inform the relevant authorities whenever we approve an international course withdrawal.