Changing the units you’re enrolled in 

You can withdraw from, swap and enrol in extra units in My Enrolment before the relevant cut-off dates, which vary depending on your course.

Withdrawing from a unit

The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit without being liable for all fees that relate to that unit. 

If you are a higher education student, you will also incur an academic penalty (fail grade) if you withdraw from a unit after the academic penalty date.

You can withdraw from units online in 'My Enrolment'. To withdraw from a unit:

  1. log in to 'My Enrolment'
  2. select unit withdrawal on the left-hand navigation
  3. select the unit/s you wish to withdraw from, then select 'Withdraw'
  4. confirm your withdrawal. 

A confirmation page will show that you have successfully withdrawn from your unit/s. Note, students can’t withdraw from a unit after it’s finished. See our help guide My Enrolment: How to withdraw from units online [PDF 180KB] for more information. 

View the academic calendar to check when the census and academic penalty date falls for the unit you want to withdraw from. 

Speak with studentHQ if you're unsure about what's involved or want more advice. We also encourage you to make use of our support services if you're having problems with your studies. 

International students

Withdrawing from a unit without adding another unit may mean that you're studying less than a full-time study load (underloading). You may need to apply to underload on a semester-by-semester basis. Most study visas require that international students study full-time. 

You'll need to provide documents, such as a medical impact statement, to support your application.

Open Universities Australia students

Open Universities Australia (OUA) students should refer to the OUA website for information on withdrawing. All requests to withdraw from a unit of study must be submitted directly through the OUA website.

Swapping units

Local higher education students can withdraw from a unit and enrol in another at the same time in Student One. International students can also swap units using the swap functionality in Student One.

To swap a unit:

  1. log in to 'My Enrolment'
  2. select the 'Swap' function on the left-hand navigation 
  3. follow the steps to select the unit/s you wish to withdraw from 
  4. follow the steps to add the unit/s you wish to undertake instead
  5. confirm the swap.

For more information about swapping units, download our help guide My Enrolment: How to swap your units [PDF 285 KB]. 

The last day you can swap a unit is the Friday of the first week of classes. After this date, you will not be able to enrol in any more units. To swap into a term-length unit, for example a Summer Term, you have until the first day of classes.

Refer to the academic calendar to view the last date you can add a unit, select the relevant Teaching Area from the 'Teaching Area' drop down men. Then select Add units of study from the 'Key Date' drop-down menu. Then select the relevant year from the 'Year' drop-down menu.

Swapping majors, co-majors and minors

You can swap a major, co-major and minor in Student One, provided you've not yet started any of the units in your major or minor. To swap once you've started any of your major or minor units you need to submit an Enrolment amendment form. 

Enrolling in extra units

If you have enrolled part-time, but want to take up more units later on, you can enrol in extra units in My Enrolment. See How to enrol for more information about the enrolment process. 

If you want to enrol in a course load that's greater full-time (overloading), you'll need to submit the Enrolment amendment form. Overloading is not available to new students. 

Changing majors or minors, overloading and underloading (higher education only)

Submit an online Enrolment Amendment form to:

  • change your major or minor
  • overload in the next semester
  • underload for a semester (international students only).

Contact studentHQ if you have any questions about what you can and can’t change in My Enrolment.

Course transition for Open Universities Australia students

OUA students who want to change, or transition, from their current course to a newer version should refer to our course transition process.