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Application to Appeal

Fields marked with Mandatory are mandatory

Personal Details

If you are a current Swinburne student, you should use your Swinburne student email address, as the University's official email communication method.

Appeal of Review Decision

What is the review decision or outcome that you are appealing? The decision must be the result of an application for review, as set out in the Review and Appeals Regulations.

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Note: an application to appeal must be received within 21 working days of being notified of the review outcome.

Please provide an explanation for your late application (your application will be considered late if it has been lodged more than 21 working days after the date of your original notification). If the application is late, it will be rejected unless the University Secretary decides to accept it as a late application

Grounds for Appeal

Reasons for Application to Appeal

Please specify the reasons for your application to appeal, present any further evidence you believe should be considered, and set out the outcome you desire: Mandatory

Supporting Documents

You may upload documents that support your application to appeal here. You must also upload a copy of the Review Outcome and the notice of the original decision that was under review. Mandatory


You may be requested to provide additional information or documentation before your application is considered complete.

Applicant's Declaration

I declare to the best of my knowledge that the information entered and attached to this form is correct and complete.

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