Leadership and management programs

Swinburne Professional offers an extensive range of leadership and management programs and services to help you to bring the best out of your talent pool.

Our programs and services are as diverse as the leadership challenges faced by today’s leaders and managers.

We help organisations to solve challenges and focus on critical skills such as strategy, people management and decision-making. We also provide an understanding of the drivers of organisational wellbeing, employee engagement, organisational culture and performance.

Swinburne Professional understands the skills that professionals require as they progress throughout their careers and we know the difference between management and leadership.

Leadership-management synergy

Diagram representing Leadership-Management Synergy
A diagram representing the synergy between leaders and managers. Leaders provide vision, pursue opportunities, inspire and lead improvisation. Managers provide resources, reduce risks, coordinate and provide structure. The synergy between both comes through empowerment, achievements, teamwork and innovation.

Leadership skills

Leadership is about bringing people on the journey to understand and believe in your vision. A true leader engages with their team and inspires their employees to work collaboratively to realise the vision.

Some key leadership skills include:

  • strategic foresight
  • social and emotional intelligence
  • communication and presentation
  • coaching and developing others
  • team and relationship building
  • developing an innovative culture
  • improvisation and responsiveness
  • problem solving and analysis
  • change management
  • employee passion and engagement.

Management skills

Management is about administering, operating procedures and processes and overseeing day-to-day tasks.

Some key management skills include:

  • communication
  • team coordination
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • project management
  • problem solving
  • strategic planning
  • critical thinking
  • conflict resolutuion
  • subject matter/ industry expertise
  • people and performance management.

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