Delegates from the Cabinet of Bangladesh attended a week-long bespoke Project Management Program that equipped them with strong foundations of project management. Participants reported an increase in knowledge and understanding at the conclusion of the week.

The Cabinet of Bangladesh is the chief executive body of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and consists of a diverse range of delegates in roles from deputy secretary and team leads to project officers.

Swinburne Edge (formerly Swinburne Professional) hosted a group of 30 delegates from the cabinet for a week-long bespoke Project Management Program in partnership with Aurion Consulting. The program was also a collaboration with Swinburne International who brought the delegation from overseas. The group had an extremely hospitable experience while in Melbourne and the trip included a campus tour and graduation ceremony.

Key aims of the workforce training were to:

  • understand what a project is, why projects succeed, and why they fail
  • gain knowledge of resource allocation, planning, estimating, and resourcing
  • understand project governance structures and guidelines for project risk management
  • work as a team to understand project stakeholder and communication management
  • develop an understanding of stakeholder engagement and communications.
  • “It was incredible to see the teamwork between the team of facilitators at play. There was a very evident flow to the week which was remarked on more than once by the delegates."

    Wei Li Wong, Senior Consultant , Swinburne Professional

The solution

Swinburne Edge designed a highly customised Project Management Program suitable for every level of experience within the cohort. The program included opportunities for practical learning through a series of short case studies and discussions. Beginning with a formal welcome and inauguration of the program, the week included:

  • workshop sessions
  • excursion
  • group presentation delivered by the participants
  • graduation ceremony.

Cabinet of Bangladesh participants.

Notably, three different facilitators delivered expert training for each module of learning with topics including project management methodology, governance, and scope management. This established a strong foundation for the delegation to bring their newfound knowledge back to their work in the Bangladeshi government.

Our highly experienced project manager ensured a smooth transition between each topic by leveraging an efficient reporting procedure. Facilitators would provide a handover noting what content was covered and any key topics of interest raised by the cohort. In doing so, facilitators avoided overlapping content and were able to further customise their workshops to include topics of interest previously flagged by participants.

It was this execution of highly streamlined communication that was vital to the program’s continuous improvement and its consequential success throughout its lifecycle.

Excursion: City of Boroondara

Hosted by the Mayor of Boroondara, along with six directors and heads of departments, participants were generously given the chance to visit and learn about the inner workings of the City of Boroondara local council. This excursion involved a presentation and afternoon tea - a fantastic opportunity to discuss best practice and different project management approaches with members of the council.

Participants in the City of Boroondara's local council offices.

The results

Through the provision of impeccable project management and a selection of highly skilled facilitators, Swinburne Edge successfully customised and delivered this Project Management Program to meet the client’s specific needs.

The program was met with positive reception and feedback from participants who reported an increase in knowledge and understanding.

Swinburne Edge is proud to have provided the Cabinet of Bangladesh with the foundations of project management and equip them with the skills necessary for success.

Duration: 1 week, January 2020
Participants: 30
Location: Melbourne
Delivery model: Face-to-face

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