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Swinburne Law School

Innovation, technology and intellectual property

Innovation, technology and intellectual property is a key research area of the Swinburne Law School.

Our research addresses the intersection of law and technology with researchers exploring the relationship between surveillance and privacy. We also investigate how the law intersects with new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain platforms.

International and interdisciplinary in nature, we draw on mixed research methods (including legal theory and empirical studies) to guide law reform and promote evidence-based policy. We have a particular research focus on intellectual property law, with several experts on:

  • copyright
  • trade marks
  • branding and advertising
  • patents in the pharmaceutical industry
  • relationship between IP and competition law.

Collaborators and partners

Our partners include:

Linked projects

Empirical studies of intellectual property registration regimes

We are conducting empirical studies on intellectual property registration practices in Australia and around the world. This research draws on IP Australia’s Intellectual Property Government Open Database, and databases from international intellectual property offices including the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Japan.

Effects of new technologies on consumers

Our research includes quantitative and qualitative studies into the effects of new technologies on consumers. We are investigating issues around Google search, consumer data and consumer profiling.

Relationship between existing IP systems and emerging technologies

We are investigating the relationship between existing IP systems and emerging technologies like distributed ledgers.

New legal features of computational society

This project researches the new legal features of computational society such as the law’s role in the internet of things, augmented reality and other cyber-physical systems.

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