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Contact Details:

Office Location: EN138
Engineering Building
Hawthorn Campus

Phone: +61-3-9214 5848
Lab Phone: +61-3-9214 4325
Fax: +61-3-9214 5160


Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences
Swinburne University of Technology
Mail H34, PO Box 218
Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122

Professor Andrei Sidorov

Professorial Fellow

•  PhD, Institute of Spectroscopy, Troitsk, Moscow Region, USSR (1991)
•  Diploma in Physics (with Honours), Moscow State University, USSR (1982)

•  Coherence of BEC on a Chip
•  Magnetic Lattice
•  Atomic Coherence

•  HET182 (Electronic Systems)
•  HET507 (Atomic Spetroscopy and Nonlinear Optics)

(2001 - present) Professorial Fellow, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
(1998 - 2001) Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Manufacturing Science & Technology, Melbourne, Australia
(1992 - 1998) Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Australia
(1982 - 1998) Engineer, Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow, Institute of Spectroscopy, Troitsk, Moscow Region, USSR

Research Interests:
For many years I have studied interesting phenomena in atom optics, quantum degenerate gases and coherent optical effects in atomic media. In the early stage of my career I carried out the first experiments on two-dimensional laser cooling and focusing of atoms, the realisation of an evanescent-wave atomic mirror and the reflection of atoms from magnetic mirrors. Since moving to SUT I have established a successful research program on Bose condensates on atom chips and was involved in initiating the Atomic Coherence project. I was the leader of the Coherence of BEC on a Chip project in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics. The group developed a magnetic film atom chip using the in-house film deposition technology. We used a double-well on a chip for sensitive measurements of magnetic field gradients with BECs. Recently we demonstrated a spectacular spatial evolution of the condensate phase, the reversal of dephasing effects and long coherence time of 2.5 s in a two-component condensate.

Research Achievements:
•  First experiments in atom optics, including 2D laser cooling, focusing atoms with light, atomic mirrors
•  BEC and cold atoms on a magnetic film atom chip,
•  BEC in double-well potentials and two-component BEC
•  2 book chapters, 59 papers, ~1060 citations,
•  Top ten citation rate: 59/paper.

Selected Publications:

  1. A. Sidorov and P. Hannaford, From Magnetic Mirrors to Atom Chips, in Atom Chips, Eds J. Reichel and V. Vuletic, (Wiley-VCH Verlag Gmbh, Weinheim)pp. 3-31 (2011)
  2. A. Trenkwalder, C. Kohstall, M. Zaccanti, D. Naik, A.I. Sidorov, F. Schreck, and R. Grimm, Hydrodynamic expansion of a strongly interacting Fermi-Fermi mixture, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 115304 (2011)
  3. R.P. Anderson, C. Ticknor, A.I. Sidorov, and B.V. Hall, Spatially Inhomogeneous Phase Evolution of a Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensate, Phys. Rev. A 80, 023603 (2009)
  4. B.V. Hall, S. Whitlock, R. Anderson, P. Hannaford, A.I. Sidorov, Condensate splitting in an asymmetric double well for atom chip based gravity sensor applications, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 030402 (2007)
  5. S. Whitlock, B.V. Hall, T. Roach, R. Anderson, M. Volk, P. Hannaford, and A.I. Sidorov, Effect of magnetization inhomogeneity on magnetic microtraps for atoms, Phys. Rev. A 75, 043602 (2007)
  6. A.M. Akulshin, A. Cimmino, A.I. Sidorov, P. Hannaford and G.I. Opat, Light Propagation in an Atomic Medium with Steep and Sign-Reversible Dispersion, Phys. Rev. A 67, 011801(R) (2003)
  7. D.C. Lau, A.I. Sidorov, G.I. Opat, R.J. McLean, W.J. Rowlands, and P. Hannaford, Reflection of Cold Atoms from an Array of Current-Carrying Wires,European Phys. Journal D 5, 193 (1999)
  8. A.I. Sidorov, R.J. McLean, W.J. Rowlands, D.C. Lau, J.E. Murphy, M. Walkiewicz, G.I. Opat, and P. Hannaford, Specular Reflection of Cold Caesium Atoms from a Magnetostatic Mirror, J. Quant. Semiclass. Optics 8, 713 (1996)
  9. R. Grimm, Yu.B. Ovchinnikov, A.I. Sidorov, and V.S. Letokhov, Observation of a Strong Rectified Dipole Force in a Bichromatic Standing Light Wave, Phys. Rev. Lett. 65, 1415 (1990)
  10. V.I. Balykin, V.S. Letokhov, Yu.B. Ovchinnikov, and A.I. Sidorov, Quantum-State-Selective Mirror Reflection of Atoms by Laser Light, Phys. Rev. Lett. 60, 2137 (1988)