Dual Award for future lawyers

Bachelor of Laws (Swinburne) + Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Leo Cussen)

As a Swinburne law student* you can choose to take part in a dual award program with Leo Cussen Centre for Law. This makes it possible to study your LLB at Swinburne, while also completing Practical Legal Training (the Swinburne program) at Leo Cussen.

Two steps are required before a person can apply to become a qualified Australian lawyer:

  1. Attain specific academic qualifications (e.g. a Bachelor of Laws)
  2. Successfully complete specified practical legal training (PLT) – either through an accredited course or through supervised legal training.

Leo Cussen Centre for Law is an independent not-for-profit centre widely recognised for their outstanding practical legal training course, the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PLT). People intending to become lawyers normally enrol in this program after they have graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Swinburne and Leo Cussen offer a dual award program that allows Swinburne law students to enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PLT) at Leo Cussen while still completing their law degree at Swinburne*.

Dual award enrolment requirements and options

There are two options for integration. In addition to the entry requirements set out below, students must also have completed all the Priestley 11 units prior to enrolling in the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PLT).

Option 1: Integration of the PLT in the final year of study:

  • Students need to overload their degree by at least two units prior to beginning their final year.

Option 2: Integration of the PLT the final semester of study:

  •  Students need to overload their degree so that they are only taking one unit in the final semester of their LLB.

For enrolment and course structure advice relevant to your needs, book an appointment with a Course Advice Specialist.

Apply Now

Apply for the Swinburne Practical Legal Training Course as offered through the Leo Cussen Centre for Law website and remember to select the ‘Swinburne’ option.

The Priestley 11

The term “the Priestley 11” refers to law subject areas all students must study in order to be eligible for admission to practice as a legal practitioner in Australia. At Swinburne the Priestley 11 units are:

Priestley 11 subject requirement for Victorian admission

Equivalent Swinburne unit

Criminal Law and Procedure

LAW10015 Criminal Law and Procedure


LAW10014 Torts:

LAW20008 Misleading Conduct, Economic Torts & Product Liability


LAW10011 Contract Law

Property both real (including Torrens system land) and personal

LAW20013 Property Law

LAW20014 Land Law

Equity (including trusts)

LAW30012 Equity and Trusts

Administrative Law

LAW20010 Administrative Law

Federal and State Constitutional Law

LAW20012 Federal and State Constitutional Law

Civil Procedure

LAW10012 Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution


LAW20009 Evidence

Professional Conduct (including basic trust accounting)

LAW30015 Legal Practice and Professional Conduct

Company Law

LAW30013 Company Law

Further Information

Victorian Legal Admissions Board: https://www.lawadmissions.vic.gov.au/admission-procedure

Leo Cussen Centre for Law: https://www.leocussen.edu.au/

* International students should check the terms and conditions of their visa to confirm eligibility.