Research Design

STA60004 12.5 Credit Points Online, Hawthorn (Multi modal)


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2022 teaching periods


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28 Feb 22 - 29 May 22

28 Jun 22

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13 Mar 22

21 Mar 22

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15 Apr 22

29 Aug 22 - 27 Nov 22

23 Dec 22

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11 Sep 22

19 Sep 22

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14 Oct 22


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Aims and objectives


This unit teaches students to identify some of the methodologies used in survey research. It includes an overview of the procedures used in survey research, a descriptive approach to methods including questionnaire design, data collection, and an introduction to survey sampling. It covers ethics and laws in conducting research. It also covers topics related to incidence and prevalence, standardisation, different types of study designs including cohort and case-control studies, randomised control trials and clinical trials in health statistics and elsewhere. Case studies will be drawn from areas such as sociology, market research, psychology, medical sciences and other areas as appropriate.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Compare and appraise the processes used to develop and conduct survey research
2. Explain the ethics, laws and privacy considerations associated with the design and conduct of research;
3. Independently plan and design a small scale survey project, and prepare a detailed survey design report
4. Evaluate scale development and meta-analysis concepts
5. Identify different steps in conducting experimental research and be able to explain the basic principles of experimental design
6. Identify and implement different study designs including cohort and case-control studies, randomised control trials and clinical trials used in health statistics and elsewhere
7. Interpret measures of risk and disease rates


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