Innovative Business Practice

BUS10012 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn, Online, Sarawak


  • One Semester or equivalent

Contact hours

  • 36 hours

2018 teaching periods

HOL  Study Period 3
27 Aug 1825 Nov 18
Results: 21 Dec 18
Last self enrolment: 2 Sep 18
Census: 17 Sep 18
Last withdraw without fail: 12 Oct 18

2019 teaching periods

Higher Ed.  Semester 1
4 Mar 192 Jun 19
Results: 9 Jul 19
Last self enrolment: 10 Mar 19
Census: 31 Mar 19
Last withdraw without fail: 19 Apr 19
Higher Ed.  Semester 2
5 Aug 193 Nov 19
Results: 10 Dec 19
Last self enrolment: 11 Aug 19
Census: 31 Aug 19
Last withdraw without fail: 20 Sep 19
HOL  Study Period 1
25 Feb 1926 May 19
Results: 25 Jun 19
Last self enrolment: 3 Mar 19
Census: 18 Mar 19
Last withdraw without fail: 12 Apr 19

More 2019 teaching periods...

HOL  Study Period 3
26 Aug 1924 Nov 19
Results: 20 Dec 19
Last self enrolment: 1 Sep 19
Census: 16 Sep 19
Last withdraw without fail: 11 Oct 19




Completion of a unit that is very similar in content or the content overlaps with another unit. 
Alternative Tertiary Entry Program: Students who have passed BUS00001 are exempted from taking this unit and must select another unit in its place with advice from a Course Advice Specialist.


Aims and objectives

This unit has originated from a desire to give students an inspirational and highly engaging educational experience. It is infused with real-world examples and will provide a connection to industry professionals. The unit is designed to prepare students for their studies and work. Innovative Business Practice focuses on self-awareness, the development of a professional identity, communication and the development of effective teamwork skills.
The role of innovation and how it can be leveraged to effectively achieve organisational objectives and positive social impact is a core theme with students encouraged to use curiosity and creativity to explore opportunities and to evaluate these, whilst displaying awareness of organisational and societal needs.
Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Apply innovation frameworks and tools to evaluate a need and/or problem.
2. Demonstrate creativity, originality and forward thinking in problem solving.
3. Self-reflect to identify their personal strengths so that they may begin to develop a personal and professional brand and identity.
4. Demonstrate professional skills, including written, verbal, and presentation, in order to effectively articulate an idea and convince others of its merit.
5. Work collaboratively and effectively in a multidisciplinary team to derive innovative outcomes.