Honours Research Training

HEA40002 25 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester or equivalent

Contact hours

  • 32 hours + Blended Learning

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning.

Aims and objectives

This unit prepares students to undertake the Honours research project. Material which ensures that they are able to plan, execute and analyse their data appropriately is provided in this unit. The students will be expected to produce a detailed plan of their project, prepare any required ethics submissions and write a synopsis of their research goals in the form of a well-documented literature review and project justification. They will present a summary of this synopsis in seminars to staff and students.

Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO)
On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to work independently and in a collaborative team to achieve project outcomes
2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of research principles and methods
3. Apply research and problem solving skills
4. Demonstrate the potential to make original contributions to scientific knowledge in the field including preparation of research manuscripts for peer review
5. Communicate scientific ideas and research findings to informed professional audiences using a variety of modes.