Building and Sustaining Positive Relationships

EDU80048 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester or equivalent

Contact hours

  • 12 Hours face to face + Blended, and offered through SOL

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning.

Aims and objectives

The unit is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to build and sustain positive relationships with students, families and the community. Pres-service teachers will examine and demonstrate how they can support positive behaviour through support student wellbeing, resilience and social and emotional emotional learning. A specific focus is made on developing strategies to work inclusively and ethically with families, community and support agencies.
Unit Learning Outcomes: Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

1. Critically examine how student behaviour in learning environments is typically understood and managed based on contemporary research, theories and debates
2. Critically analyse and apply evidence-based preventive and responsive approaches for responding to a range of behaviours, including challenging behaviours, displayed in the learning environment
3. Critically analyse different principles, policies and practices used for establishing and maintaining a productive learning environment
4. Plan learning environments that adhere to inclusive, positive and restorative models of behaviour management and support student engagement
5. Create strategies for working inclusively and ethically with families, community and support agencie
6. Apply a deep understanding of supporting and developing student wellbeing, resilience and social emotional learning including the Australian or relevant State curriculum content.