Masterclass: Agile Project Management

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This two-day Masterclass in Agile Project Management course begins by providing a background to Agile methodologies, their philosophy, values and principles.  The key reasons for adopting agile together with comparative benefits are then discussed. The Scrum methodology is used to describe the delivery lifecycle of an agile project.  

Agile development teams are then formed and participants apply Scrum to project scenarios. Participants learn and apply a variety of tools and techniques to develop and refine the product backlog, define user requirements and quality, estimate durations then manage and review progress towards achieving a version of a complete product. Reviews and retrospectives are practised to received feedback, manage risk and refine the process. 

The challenges of implementing agile in organisations will also be discussed in this program. Participants will be asked to consider both the applicability and readiness of their respective organisations for Agile adoption with the aim of creating a roadmap for implementation back into the workplace.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone in a project environment who is looking for a lean yet structured approach to project management, that enables faster response to change and that is conducive to rapid and collaborative implementation of high-priority initiatives.

Note: It is recommended that you speak to one of Customer Development Advisors before registering to this course as there may be a level of prior knowledge and experience required to do this course. Please call us on 1800 633 560 for more information.

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2 days

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